How to Order Hockey Jerseys Cheap

Here’s a hypothetical situation: the hockey season is starting in a month. You have a team together, but you haven’t really played together a ton, so you don’t want to spend too much on jerseys. What are you gonna do to get these jerseys in your hands and on the ice?

We thought it would be helpful to provide some advice on how to keep your jersey price tags low.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

A Brief Overview

    • Get the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey model
    • Pick a one colour screen print art style
    • Pick one colour numbers
    • The total cost per jersey will be $34

The Cheapest Hockey Jersey is the Kobe 5400

So, you want to keep your price tag low. How can you do that? At, our cheapest jersey is going to be the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey. This model comes in solid colours with no striping patterns and the only option for artwork is having it screen printed. Before we get into logo options and colours, the base model 5400 jersey will run you $18 per jersey if you’re buying a set for between 12 and 24 people. Most beer league teams will have around 20 players.

cheapest hockey jersey option with screen printed logo

Example of a 1 colour screen printed 5400 jersey

The Cheapest Logo is a 1 Colour Screen Print

Now, you want to put your team logo on the jersey, but you’re still trying to keep the price low. Your best option is to go for a one colour screen print, which will cost $9 per jersey.

While this option may seem a little restrictive when it comes to colours, you effectively get two colours to work with in a one colour screen print: the colour of paint you pick, and the base jersey colour. We call this the “knockout method” when the base jersey colour is a part of the logo.

If you really want another colour of paint in your logo, the screen printing cost will increase from $9 to $12

Go With 1 Colour Numbers

So, let’s recap. We’ve settled for the Kobe 5400 model, and a single colour screen print. Right now, your cost per jersey is $27. What’s left to decide on? Team numbers are the last thing you’ll want to add to your jersey, and they’re simple to explain.

Numbers will cost you $7 if they’re only one colour, and $16 for two colour numbers. So let’s pick the one colour option and add that to our hypothetical jersey. We’re now at $34, and that’s it! The cheapest jersey we can offer.

Heat pressed film name and numbers on a hockey jersey

Example of a 1 colour number

cheap hockey jersey model with a cariboo on the front

Example of a 2 colour screen print

Customizing Your Logo

Before you order though, don’t forget that we do cover your artwork fee for any small revisions of your logo (i.e. colour changes), but if you want us to do any major revisions (i.e. change the shape) then we will typically charge approximately $50 on top of the whole order. Overall, it won’t be much per jersey (for an order of 20 jerseys, it will only come to an extra $2.5 per jersey) so it’s worth doing if you care about having a logo you’re satisfied. Just something to keep in mind when you’re ordering.

Take a look at our blog on logo making apps that’ll help you design a logo, even if you don’t have any experience.

A Brief Recap:

    • Get the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey model
    • Pick a one colour screen print art style
    • Pick one colour numbers
    • The total cost per jersey will be $34

We hope that you found this guide helpful. If you're ready to order a set, click the button below and we'll set you up with a free quote for screen printed jerseys.

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Pros and Cons of Reversible Hockey Jerseys

Pros and Cons of Reversible Hockey Jerseys

Should You Buy Reversible Jerseys?

Home and away jerseys can be a great way to make your team’s colours stand out whether you’re on home turf or away. Many teams opt for a home and away set because they’re playing in bigger leagues where clearly identifiable teams are important.

A reversible jersey with home and away colours

An example of a reversible jersey

In this article, we’re going to walk you through what a reversible jersey is, what the difference is between that and a normal jersey, and why people like or don’t like them.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

A Home and Away Set Packed Into One Jersey

A lumberjack reversible jersey with a Canucks hockey logo

Example of a Reversible Jersey

A reversible jersey is basically a home and away set packed into one garment. On one side, you have home colours and on the other side… well, you get it.

When you’re playing away, just flip the jersey inside out and it’ll be a whole new colour set.

Reversibles are all done using a process called sublimation, which you can learn more about here.

There are some great benefits to these jerseys, but they come with some minor drawbacks too. Let’s start with the pros.

The Pros of Reversible Jerseys

A Brief Overview:

    • They’re 25-30% cheaper than a two-jersey home and away set
    • One jersey is easier to keep track of than two jerseys
    • It’s easier to switch colours if the need arises

Reversible Jerseys are Cheaper

With a reversible jersey, you typically save 25-30% on your jerseys, as compared to getting home and away sets.

Basically, if you were going to spend $120 on two jerseys, you’d only be paying $84 if you bought one reversible jersey instead. This can add up to a lot of savings when you’re buying jerseys for a whole team.

Icemen reversible jerseys

Reversible Jerseys are Easy to Pack

A reversible jersey with a zombie queen cartoon logo

Example of a screen printed hockey jersey

Another pro that comes with these jerseys is that they’re easier to carry and less likely to get lost.

Having only one jersey to think about makes your life simpler when trying to get your hockey gear out the door before a game.

The Convenience Factor

Of course, lastly, the convenience of being able to quickly switch your jersey inside out if your opponents coincidentally match your team’s colours is a definite pro as you’ll be on the ice and playing faster whenever this happens.

If all this sounds great to you, head over to this page and we’ll give you a quote for your jersey set.

"The Blonde Bombshells" reversible jerseys

A Brief Recap:

    • They’re 25-30% cheaper than a two-jersey home and away set
    • One jersey is easier to keep track of than two jerseys
    • It’s easier to switch colours if the need arises

The Cons of Reversible Jerseys

A Brief Overview:

    • There’s no option for a pro style collar
    • If your artwork crosses any seams, it might not turn out perfectly lined up
    • A small tag will always be visible on one side
    • They’re slightly thicker than regular sublimated jerseys
    • They might wear a little faster

Less Stitching and No Option for Pro Style Lace Collar

A pro style hockey jersey laced collar and a reversible jersey collar

Pro style collar (left) vs reversible collar (right)

As part of the reason that the jerseys are cheaper, your reversible jersey won’t have shoulder panels, which typically give the jersey a little extra room for shoulder pads.

As well, a reversible jersey doesn’t come with the option for a pro style collar, which is laced.

Artwork Doesn't Always Line Up

Hockey Jersey Striping Pattern on a Reversible Jersey

Striping seen up close (right) and 1 foot away (left)

Sometimes artwork doesn’t align perfectly over top of seams in the jersey, but this is barely noticeable if you’re looking at the jersey from more than a foot away.

The Tag Might Be Visible On One Side

Here you can see that the sizing tag will be visible on one side of the jersey, but this isn’t a huge deal considering it’s only about 3” x 1”.

You also have the option to remove the tag, so this isn’t that big of a deal. The only caveat is that if your team owns the jerseys rather than the players themselves, it may be difficult to pass jerseys out without tags that identify the sizes.

red and black hockey jersey with a tag on the outside

Example of a sizing tag

A Couple Last Things...

These jerseys are also a bit thicker because of their two layer design, which means that for those of us who aren’t as fit as pro players (or nearly as fit), games might get a little extra sweaty and fatiguing. The only other downside to reversible jerseys is that they wear a little faster because one side is always in contact with the velcro on your gear.  

A Brief Recap:

    • There’s no option for a pro style collar
    • If your artwork crosses any seams, it might not turn out perfectly lined up
    • A small tag will always be visible on one side
    • They’re slightly thicker than regular sublimated jerseys
    • They might wear a little faster

Here's an Infographic to Summarize

infographic about the pros and cons of reversible jerseys

While it may sound like we’re bashing reversible jerseys, all the forementioned “cons” are just small inconveniences that you won’t notice when you’re on the ice.

If you think reversible jerseys are right for your team, click the button below and we'll set you up with a free quote.

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Hockey Jersey Templates: 20 Solid Concepts For Your Next Team Set

Need a quote on your next set of jerseys?
We'd love to help you out!

Sublimated hockey jerseys provide unparalleled freedom when coming up with your next hockey uniform design (click here to read more about them). That said, sometimes too much of a blank slate can be paralyzing.

Here are examples of sublimated hockey jerseys we've created for customers, while the rest of this article outlines templates and concepts you can use to come up with your own design.

Get in-touch and we'd be more than happy to get started on your mockup.

Atlanta Thrashers alternate pattern for a customer in New Jersey

Firefighter jackets for volunteer firefighters in Ontario

Camouflage jerseys for customers in Toronto, Ontario

Stuck on what kind of striping pattern to choose? We get it.

Here are some of our favourite striping patterns with a few different variations to give you an idea as to how fresh a simple template can look when you spice up the colours.

Hockey Jersey Templates and Concepts

Hockey Jersey Template #1 - "The Bruins"

We started with the Boston Bruins jersey here and changed it up with a couple other team colours (e.g. Ottawa and Toronto). You can always make a three colour jersey into a two colour jersey as well.

Hockey Jersey Template #2 - "The Flyers"

A customer of ours came to us with this Flyers-like pattern (although not the exact Philadelphia Flyers striping). We swapped it for some less traditional jersey colours for a unique custom jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #3 - "The Squires"

This customer came to us with a pattern that is same-same, but different, to the Golden Knights. You can always borrow colours from an NHL pattern and decide to incorporate the additional colour into your logo.

Hockey Jersey Template #4 - "The Jackets"

A few different takes on the Columbus jersey, which include a version in the Dallas Stars' colours. Flipping colours around is easy with a sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #5 - "The National"

A lot of teams choose a two colour look for their striping. Here we have a Canada version, a Toronto version, and a Michigan version.

Hockey Jersey Template #6 - "The 'Nucks"

A great option for your custom jersey design is to choose an older jersey striping pattern. It's a great way to stand out without getting too weird.

Here we have the old Vancouver Canucks jersey with different colour options.

Hockey Jersey Template #7 - "The All-Star"

Add a little flare to your jersey design by utilizing your striping patterns to highlight fun designs. They chose stars for this jersey, but you can always put any shape in there.

Hockey Jersey Template #8 - "The Wraparound"

Create something totally unique by mixing up the directions of your stripes on your custom jerseys.

Hockey Jersey Template #9 - "The Barber Shop"

These templates are another great way to limit your jersey colours while still having a really cool striping pattern.

Hockey Jersey Template #10 - "The Golden Knights"

One way to create a unique custom jersey is to take an existing NHL pattern and flip the colours for another team. Here we did the Vegas jersey with the Philadelphia colours and the Dallas colours.

This pattern has been a hit with beer league teams we've produced jerseys for since Vegas entered the league (both in their colour scheme and other colour schemes).

Hockey Jersey Template #11 - "The Traditionalist"

Here's a way to take a very classic-looking hockey jersey pattern and make it look fun and fresh by tossing in less common colour schemes.

Hockey Jersey Template #12 - "The Collegiate"

Power blue jerseys aren’t as common as some of the other patterns, so it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. Or you can flip the colours for something like the Ottawa Senators black, red, and white.

Hockey Jersey Template #13 - "The Wraparound"

Try something totally unique with your custom sublimated jerseys. This particular jersey design highlights the sleeve logos by utilizing the striping around it.

No one ever said hockey jerseys had to be constrained to straight lines!


Hockey Jersey Template #14 - "The Emperor"

Not a lot of teams chose pink, so it can be a great colour option to stand out from the crowd. Plus, it pairs nicely with the breast cancer awareness logo for a corporate event.

Hockey Jersey Template #15 - "The Flying V"

Whether you want your stripes left to right or up and down, there are so many colour options to play with. In this case, why not try a bright green for your custom jersey design?

Hockey Jersey Template #16 - "The Grinder"

Play with the colours on the shoulders of your jerseys by making it a different colour. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #17 - "The Minimalist"

Sometimes all you need is a subtle striping pattern, especially if your logo is more complex. Chose a dark colour, or flip the colours for an away version.

Hockey Jersey Template #18 - "The Retro"

Take advantage of your full jersey space by putting big stripes across the logo. This design goes great with a circular logo on your custom jersey design.

A great template for those looking for an "Original 6" type of feel.

Hockey Jersey Template #19 - "The Future"

One of our favourite local teams (Grand River Mustangs) came up with this design. We like the zig zag striping they decided to go with for their sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #20 - "The Expansion"

Last but not least, this is a fun one we did for a local company here in Kitchener. You can easily add in your corporate colours to the striping of a sublimated jersey.

Have a template you didn't see and would like to share? Comment below!

Looking for custom hockey jerseys, socks, or other uniform products? Let us help you out!
We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States

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What is the Best Style of Custom Hockey Jerseys?

Screen printing, sublimation, embroidered twill...does industry jargon make your head spin?

In this article we demystify these terms and help you answer: which type of jersey it best for your team (hint: it depends on what you need).

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

What makes heads turn and competitors' jaws drop, when you skate by in a blur? Great looking hockey jerseys from of course! Whether it's tomorrow's pros, beer league bros, the ladies, or minor hockey we all want to look good and play better. Nothing makes the blades churn that little bit faster than some sweet looking custom hockey sweaters, and that's what we are going to talk about in this article.

Although the team at produces some great looking custom gear like socks, pant shells, skate mats etc. this article is devoted to helping you make the best custom hockey jersey choice possible based on your budget and timeline.

If you are reading this article there's a pretty good chance that you have been elected as the one in charge, the big cheese or the only one that stepped forward to look after ordering your new jerseys. However you got here our job is to make things EASY, and take the mystery and confusion out of ordering new hockey jerseys.

What are the different types of custom hockey jerseys?

There are three styles of decorated, what does Jersey Dude mean by DECORATED? Basically, that's the way we apply your team logo, numbers and names onto the hockey jersey.

Here's a quick overview of what each term means before we dig into the details of the pros, cons, etc.

  • #1 - Screen Printed Hockey Jerseys: an inexpensive ink applied on top of an in-stock jersey
  • #2 - Sublimated Hockey Jerseys: a different style of ink (much more premium than screening ink) that is dyed directly into a blank white piece of fabric and sewn from scratch each time.
  • #3 - Embroidered Twill Hockey Jerseys: embroidery thread is used to create the logo design on a piece of twill then sewn to the jersey. Names and numbers are cut and sewn to the jersey. The base jersey can be a stock jersey or custom-made.
  • #4 - Hybrid options: we won't get into it in detail, but sometimes we create jerseys that use more than one style of decoration (e.g. a sublimated jersey with an embroidered logo).

#1 - Screen Printed Hockey Jerseys

Quick overview

  • Description: an inexpensive ink applied on top of an in-stock jersey
  • Price*: $22-75 (varies with design complexity)
  • Timeline (includes shipping): 3-4 weeks
  • Design capabilities: limited to in-stock patterns
  • When the Recommends This Style: if you're looking for something simple or on a time constraint

*Based on 2021 Canadian dollar pricing for a set of 12-24 jerseys. Our online quoting shows volume discounts for 25 or more jerseys

Screen Printed Hockey Jersey

Example of a screen printed hockey jersey

"I'm in a hurry and need my jerseys, like yesterday."

Sound familiar?

Ok, we may not be able to get your jerseys that fast, but if time is not on your side and you don't want to break the bank then screen printed jerseys is probably your best option.

The first step is to pick a blank jersey to decorate, again the folks at Kobe Sportswear have given us a whack of choices to find that perfect fit.

Once we have the blank jersey selected we then create a series of “screens” for each colour in your logo. A screen looks a bit like a picture frame: we place the corresponding colour of ink onto each screen, then push the colour through to create the design on each jersey.

Your logo can be everything from one colour all the way to six colours if you want. With this application you pay by the number of colours that you have in your logo.

Footage credit to Eddie Moon (full video here)

Heat pressed film name and numbers on a hockey jersey

Heat pressed vinyl name and numbers on a jersey

Next come numbers: we usually use vinyl film numbers on screen printed jerseys. These numbers are typically put on the back of the jersey and can be applied as a single colour or a two colour application. If you want to get all fancy we can even apply sleeve numbers to your jerseys.

If you want to have your name in lights we can do that as well...well, maybe not in lights, but on the back of your jersey. Pretty much the same application as the numbers the names are applied with a film and heated onto the jersey.

Screen printed jerseys are typically the most economical option starting at $30 (Canadian dollars)/ jersey. That includes a blank jersey, a one colour logo and a back number, this pricing is for quantities of 12-24 jerseys. If you need a bunch more than the price goes down as we do pass along volume discounts for larger quantities. We can usually get this style of jerseys produced and shipped to your door between 3 and 4 weeks depending where in North America you live.

#2 - Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

Quick overview

  • Description: a dyed jersey built completely from scratch starting with a white roll of fabric
  • Price*: $55 (partially sublimated), $75 (fully sublimated), $110 (reversible sublimated)
  • Timeline (includes shipping): 4-6 weeks
  • Design capabilities: no limitations including unlimted striping, logos, and colours
  • When the Recommends This Style: if you have a unique design, multiple logos (e.g. sponsor logos), or want something bold to stand out from the crowd
  • Other noteworth comments: sublimated jerseys are the easiest style of jersey to produce in small batch re-orders (e.g. when you need 2 or 3 fill-in shirts)

*Based on 2021 Canadian dollar pricing for a set of 12-24 jerseys. Our online quoting shows volume discounts for 25 or more jerseys

How Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Are Made: Step 1
(actual footage from one of our manufacturing facilities)

Have you ever been to the rink and seen a jersey that really caught your eye? Did they have a really cool striping pattern or graphics that had to be seen to be believed? Well I'll bet they were a sublimated jersey!

These jerseys are your absolute best bang-for-your-buck jersey option. With sublimated jerseys there are no limits to graphics, colours, logos, numbers, or names. Whatever you want, you get and the set price never changes, so go ahead get creative and make heads turn!

How Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Are Made: Step 2
(actual footage from one of our manufacturing facilities)

The sublimated jerseys basically start with a white piece of fabric and then a computer program injects the appropriate colour into the correct location.

All of your jersey features are dyed right into the jersey, ensuring that these hockey sweaters won't fade or peel as time goes on. Sublimated jerseys are made from a very durable, breathable polyester fabric and are built to last for the long haul.

How Sublimated Hockey Jerseys Are Made: Step 3
(actual footage from one of our manufacturing facilities)

Once you have given us the OK on your artwork these jerseys will take between 4 to 6 weeks to produce and ship to your door.

Keep in mind, however, that the artwork process can be lengthier than other styles: sometimes the squad can debate for weeks over different jersey details. To keep things moving quickly, it's always best to come to us with what is as close to a finished idea as possible. Even if we have to draw it for you it's best to know exactly what you want and be able to describe it clearly.

There are three types of sublimated jerseys that we offer at and anyone of them will make you look good. Your teammates will celebrate you, you will become a legend and of course that means you are now the Jersey Dude(s), putting you in charge of all jersey re-orders.

From most-to-least popular, here are the 3 different "styles" of sublimated jerseys:

  • Fully sublimated jerseys: as the name suggests, everything is sublimated
  • Reversible sublimated jerseys: everything is sublimated inside-and-out
  • Partially sublimated jerseys (aka "hybrid sublimated jerseys"): only the front and back of the jersey are sublimated (to keep costs down) while the sleeves and shoulders are a solid colour

Fully Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

Example of a fully sublimated jersey

This is our "go-to" style of sublimated jersey where every inch of the jersey is sublimated (dyed).

Unlike screen printing, one flat price allows for:

  • Unlimited logo colours
  • Unlimited logo locations (shoulders, sponsor bars, etc.)*
  • Completely custom striping
  • Numbers on the back, sleeve, and even front!
  • Names
  • Option to add a lace collar

*We cover vectoring on up to 3 images

Reversible Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

Question: How can I get 2 sets of really cool, high quality jerseys that won't break the bank?

Answer: reversible sublimated jerseys

The exact same process that goes into the fully sublimated jersey creates the reversible jersey, so you have no restrictions to colour, graphics or features.

These jerseys run about 20%-ish less than buying a home/away set of single-sided jerseys.

The only downsides vs. a single-sided jersey are:

  • It's heavier (it's 2 layers of fabric)
  • You can't get a lace collar
  • If you're prone to losing sweaters, losing 1 is more costly
  • They can wear out slightly faster, especially since the "inside" gets "picked" at by your equipment's Velcro

Reversible Hockey Jerseys We Made For a Warrior-Sponsored Hockey School

Partially Sublimated Hockey Jerseys (aka "Hybrid Sublimated Jerseys")

Examples of a partially sublimated jersey.
Notice how there are no numbers, logos, or striping on the sleeves or shoulders. The body typically is a contrasting colour to the sleeves/shoulders as well.

This is the third option in our sublimated line of jerseys, and is a real bargain at about 25% less than a fully sublimated jersey.

The only difference with the hybrid jersey is that the arms and neckline need to be the same solid colour, so that means that numbers, stripping, and other features need to be restricted to the body of the jersey.

Also, since the body of the jersey is sublimated and the sleeves are a stock fabric, we typically recommend making the body of the jersey a contrasting colour to the sleeves. This is because the blue on the body will never be a perfect match to the blue on the sleeves.

Sound confusing? Take a look at the example pictures and it should become much more obvious.

#3 - Embroidered Hockey Jerseys

Quick overview

  • Description: cut and/or embroidered pieces of twill sewn to a jersey
  • Price*: $75-150 (varies with design complexity)
  • Timeline (includes shipping): 4-8 weeks (varies with design complexity)
  • Design capabilities: usually limited to in-stock patterns, although custom patterns are sometimes produced at an extra charge.
  • When the Recommends This Style: if you're looking for that traditional "pro" look with sewn-on features

*Based on 2021 Canadian dollar pricing for a set of 12-24 jerseys. Our online quoting shows volume discounts for 25 or more jerseys

An embroidered patch being made. Once it is completed, it will be cut out, then sewn to a jersey.

Footage credit to Embrosoft Canada (full video here).

Remember the days when Gordie and Bobby played the game? Man, those jerseys had such a great look and feel to them.

If you want to create a jersey with a vintage, retro look to them then you've come to the right place!

First, we start with a blank jersey from our partners at Kobe Sportswear, with countless stripping patterns and colours to choose from, you're bound to find that perfect match.

Once your twill logo has been produced it is hand sewn onto your jerseys. Another slightly less expensive option option is to take your logo and create a sublimated twill patch which is basically a piece of twill that is dyed and then sewn onto your jersey.

Embroidered Hockey Jersey Example

Sewn Twill Names and Numbers on a Hockey Jersey

2-Colour Sewn Twill Names and Numbers

After we have the front of your jersey pretty much finished we can flip it over and finish the back. We can either apply one colour hand sewn numbers to the back or sleeve or you can really make things pop and go for the two colour option.

Names can be either hand sewn with individual letters or we can sew on a sublimated name bar for a few dollars less. This form of customization has a very classic look and feel to it but it is also the most expensive jersey option with all of the hand sewn elements that go into them.

#4 - Hybrid Options

Sublimated Hockey Jersey with Embroidered Logo

A super unique sublimated hockey jersey with an embroidered logo

We're not going to spend much time here, but sometimes jerseys fall in multiple buckets due to what a customer is after.

This particular customer was trying to replicate a one-off promotional jersey pattern used in the KHL for a single special event game.

He wanted an embroidered logo, a camo pattern (which is only possible with sublimation), and he had a particular budget to stay within. We ended up doing a sublimated pattern with sublimated shoulder logos, numbers, names, etc., BUT, we created an embroidered twill crest to sew on and give him that "pro" feel.


Ya, so when you ask: "How much for a set of hockey jerseys?"

We're tempted to give you a response that mirrors a popular 2008 Facebook relationship status: "It's complicated."

But isn't.

Let's summarize a number of situations where one style of jersey might be a distinctly better fit for you than all the others (click the recommended style to get an instant quote):

Your Team's Jersey Situation Recommended Style of Jersey

You want to keep price as low as possible

You want your jerseys ASAP (and even 1 week faster makes a huge difference)

You have a extremely unique design (e.g. camo) not found within our stock patterns

You have a large number of sponsor logos

You want sleeve numbers, names, shoulder logos, and more, but you want to keep the price within reason

You want to re-order jerseys in small batches for fill-ins (e.g. 2 or 3 extra jerseys at a time after the initial run)

You want a traditional "pro" look

Did you learn anything new?
Anything we didn't answer?
What's your favourite style?
Comment below!

Looking for custom hockey jerseys, socks, or other uniform products? Let us help you out!
We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States

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Kobe Sportswear Review: Hockey Jerseys, Socks, Bags, and Accessories

Kobe Sportswear Review: Hockey Jerseys, Socks, Bags, and Accessories

We've been in the jersey business since 2014 and Kobe Sportswear has been by our side from the beginning

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

At the time of writing this post, we deal with several dozen different suppliers to pull together whatever custom products you can dream of. Many of them still haven’t had their products make their way onto our website yet, so if you think of something you can’t find, just ask by emailing, calling 1-888-352-7999, or chiming in our live chat.

Today, we want to feature one of our favourite suppliers. I mean, they’re all our “favourites”. There are hundreds of suppliers out there, but we do the hard work of picking the best-of-the-best out for each product to reliably/consistently bring you high quality products, on-time, and within your budget. So, before you criticize us saying all of our reviews are “positive” reviews, consider how many suppliers we choose to not deal with 😊

Our roots are in hockey and there’s no one who understands rec hockey jerseys better than Kobe Sportswear. And yes, that includes the big name brands like Adidas, Bauer, Reebok, Nike, and Warrior. Kobe has always been one of our largest suppliers/manufacturers and their reliability is a big reason for our continued success as a company here at

Top Reason We Love Kobe Sportswear

Reason #1: Made in Canada Production

And no, it’s not why you think. A lot of people think about a Made in Canada pitch as a patriotic one; one that keeps jobs in our country and guarantees better quality (and it's a hot topic as of late).

No, the real reason is timelines. Many of our customers have little time to spare (often, we deal with customers whose hockey seasons have already begun!). When we first started our business, we dealt with a supplier who used overseas-made blank jerseys. Problem was, when they were out-of-stock, it would up to 3 months to see more inventory!

The great thing with Kobe is that if something goes out-of-stock, they re-stock it in a maximum of 2 weeks (3 during peak season). If you’re ordering custom jerseys, that’s how long they need to wait in our queue anyway to be printed/sewn, so by the time you’re up-to-bat your jerseys are always back in-stock!

Reason #2: Large Operation (i.e. lots of production capacity)

Kobe is one of the largest operations when it comes to rec hockey jerseys and that has a number of benefits.

First is a wide selection of in-stock patterns ready to ship immediately. Few other manufacturers even come close. Even this big name brands don’t carry the inventory they do and back to point #1, they wouldn’t be able to re-stock it very quickly.

Second is production planning. Occasionally, there can be hiccups in the supply chain. More-or-less all domestic manufacturers are bringing fabric from overseas. Some smaller manufacturers have trouble weathering spikes in production demand or issues with overseas suppliers. They can, at times, run out of certain materials. Kobe being a much larger operation with such a long history can both anticipate and stockpile materials better than their smaller counterparts. This means they’re less affected by supply chain hiccups.

Third is capacity. If we need to fill large orders for leagues or special corporate events we know there are few suppliers as capable of reliably delivering on-time.

Reason #3: Fast, Efficient Shipping

We have thousands of Kobe shipments every year. Some come to us first for custom orders (for us to screen print or sewn patches on). Others go directly to customers who are ordering individual stock items or team sets to print locally instead of with us. Kobe often ships same or next day (depending on when you order) with the exception of peak season (Sept/Oct), where it occasionally takes 1-2 days (not sure if this even happened at all in 2019, the last peak season before writing this).

Our shipping error rate from Kobe is below 1% as well, lower than any other supplier we deal with.

Reason #4: Good People

Okay, you’ll have to take our word on this one. They’re the types of folks you’d like to have a beer with though. They’ll always have your back if something goes awry and genuinely care about delivering you a fantastic uniform rather than just pumping out as much product as possible.

Product Reviews

Enough with the general back-patting and on to specific product details. Below are our favourite products from Kobe Sportswear, our recommendations on when to use them (and when not to use them), and links to said products on our website.

If you’re looking to order custom products from Kobe Sportswear instead of blank products, please visit our custom jersey page.

Before starting, note that Kobe uses 3 different fabrics:

  • Midweight knit: think a light, practice jersey-like fabric (not recommended for sewn-on logos, only screen printing)
  • Heavyweight knit: think the standard air knit jerseys from the early 2000s
  • K3G: Kobe’s flagship fabric that’s both durable and breathable

Kobe Hockey Jerseys

Kobe 5400 (fabric: midweight knit)

This basic practice jersey does the trick. Cost effective, but still great value. Obviously the best choice if you’re on a tight budget

Find the blank 5400 jersey here

Kobe 5450 (fabric: midweight knit)

This practice jersey utilizes a second tone to accent the jersey. If we’re being honest, we don’t sell many of this jersey. Reason being is that the Kobe XJ5 and 5200 (outlined next) come in at the same price while having a 3rd colour and much more of a “team” look.

If you’re looking for cost savings, then you move to the 5400. This jersey has kind of become “stuck in the middle”.

Find the blank 5450 jersey here.

Kobe XJ5 (fabric: midweight knit)

This game jersey uses 3 colours and comes in at a great price. A really good choice if you don’t want that practice jersey “look” but want to keep costs down as much as possible.

This pattern, along with the Kobe 5200 and Kobe XJ6 are deliberately designed for leagues. What does that mean? It means the colours are selected to minimize colour clashes.

The only downside is that very few colours offer a home/away look (i.e. there isn’t a white version available for most colours).

Find the blank XJ5 jersey here.

Kobe 5200 (fabric: midweight knit)

Very similar to the XJ5: same fabric, similar colours, just a different striping pattern. As mentioned, we have a slight preference to the 5200 over the XJ5 because it doesn’t have contrasting shoulders. For some people, the XJ5’s Royal/Red/White can be confusing against red teams (despite being a primarily blue jersey) since the shoulders are red.

Find the blank 5200 jersey here.

Kobe XJ6 (fabric: heavyweight knit)

A staff favourite!

Quite possibly the most popular jersey we sell for men’s league hockey jerseys. The reason being is that it balances cost and quality extremely well: for an extra $5 it’s a big upgrade from the XJ5 and 5200. Similar to the XJ5 and 5200, it has minimal colour clashes (great for leagues) but has few options to have a home/away set.

Find the blank XJ6 jersey here.

Kobe 6200 (fabric: heavyweight knit)

Same price as the XJ6 and although the striping is a touch more boring, there are 2 reasons you may choose it over the XJ6

  1. It matches NHL colours more closely (since many teams base their logo design around NHL team colours)
  2. Most jerseys offer a home/away (white/dark) if you’re looking to have an economical home/away set of jerseys

Find the blank 6200 jersey here.

Kobe K3G Amateur (fabric: K3G)

This one is a great jersey, but isn’t super popular since it comes in at the same price point as the XJ6 and 6200 which have more of a design to them. Often we get teams choosing this jersey though when their priority is a nicer-feeling jersey without overspending.

Find the blank K3G Amateur jersey here.

Kobe 6100 (fabric: heavyweight knit)

Similar to the 5450, we’re going to be honest: we don’t sell a lot of these. Here’s why: the 6100 was Kobe’s former flagship model. When they released the K3G jersey, they stopped adding new patterns. It’s not that this isn’t a nice jersey, it’s just that we only find a use for it when customers want striping patterns unavailable in the K3G model. Oh, we should mention it has double-stitched shoulders and elbows!

Find the blank 6100 jersey here.

Kobe K3G (fabric: K3G)

The best jersey in Kobe’s lineup used by minor hockey associations and Junior B and C hockey teams all over Canada and the United States. Double-stitched shoulders and elbows, impeccable designs meant to match the NHL striping patterns from the time they were released: we’ve can’t think of anything to complain about. Virtually the only time we steer away from the K3G when customers want higher-end sewn twill jerseys is when there’s a striping pattern than Kobe doesn’t carry.

The only thing we’ll note is that these are NOT meant to be authentic, replica fan jerseys. Kobe’s business is rec hockey jerseys, not souvenir jerseys. Kobe will use the same shade of red, blue, etc. across multiple jerseys. This isn’t a “defect”, but rather a “feature”. If you see the odd lukewarm customer review on this product, this is usually the case (which, in our opinion, is really a misunderstanding of this product's purpose, not an issue with the product itself).

By stocking fewer shades of fabric, Kobe can stock more of each colour. This is how it makes it so easy for them to stay in-stock all the time.

Find the blank K3G jersey here.

Kobe Hockey Socks and Accessories

Kobe K3G Socks (fabric: K3G)

Once people use the "new style" dry fit socks, they can't go back to knitted socks.

While knitted socks are fairly consistent from brand-to-brand, mesh polyester hockey socks tend to vary a bit more: each brand as their own take.

There's always a trade-off between form-fitting and durability. It seems that the more tightly a sock wraps the shin pad, the less likely it is to hold up.

Compared to other brands the Kobe K3G sock (which uses the same fabric as the jersey) is a slightly looser fit, but we've sold thousands without a durability complaint that seems more common with other brands of mesh socks. The extra cost vs. knitted socks definitely pays itself off in the long run.

Find the in-stock K3G socks here.

Kobe 9800 Knit Socks (fabric: poly/cotton yarn blend)

While "new style" socks may appear to have taken over we still see half of our customers wear knit socks.

Most commonly, it's a price point thing, but there are still a number of hockey players that flat out prefer them.

As mentioned above: knit socks don't vary a ton by brand, but that said, we haven't found anyone who can match Kobe's price and stock availability. They whip custom patterns out pretty quickly and inexpensively too when we can't find something in their catalog.

Find the in-stock Kobe 9800 knitted socks here.

Kobe "Sin Bin" Pro Style Carry Hockey Bag

Carry bags are back! Not sure if they ever really "went away", but wheeled hockey bags appear to be falling out of favour to some extent between the price point, fitting them in limited trunk space, and all of the components capable of breaking (wheeels, handles, etc.).

The latest wave of carry bags, however, look a bit different than those of old. They're not as wide, but they are taller. At first glance they look smaller than more traditional bags, but they generally have more volume!

At, we're not super fussed on big name brands. Kobe's Sin Bin bag comes in at a more competitive price point, but doesn't sacrifice quality in the slightest. And hey, we can customize them too.

Find the in-stock Kobe Sin Bin Pro Style Carry Hockey Bags

Have you purchased Kobe products from us before? Either customized or blank? What was your experience? Tell us below!

Looking for custom hockey jerseys, socks, or other uniform products? Let us help you out!
We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States

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How To Make a Logo For Your Hockey Team

We've been in the jersey business since 2014. Here's what we've learned about designing hockey logos.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

We’ve seen some amazing logos, good logos, some plain logos, some ugly logos, some pug-fugly logos, and yes, even some ugly, ugly logos since our inception in 2014.

Now to avoid insulting our valued customers, we’ll refrain from making a worst of the worst list. Instead, what we’ve done is compile a list of guidelines to help you from making that theoretical list. We don’t want to sound like broken records, but when you look good, you play good.

TIP #1: Make your logo similar in height and width

If you were to draw a box around the furthest top/bottom and left/right points of your logo, would it look like a square? Or pretty close? If so, you’re on-track.

Why, you ask? Think about the shape of your body and where the logo goes (and to some extent, how your equipment sits on your). If you have a wide, short logo, it’s not going to fit nicely. You’ll stretch it the full width of your chest, but there will still be A TON of empty space unless you choose to weirdly stretch your logo out of proportion. A great image does not necessarily equal a great logo for a hockey jersey.

Winmar: Example of a logo that is too wide/short to fill the space on a hockey jersey

See the Winmar example. We’re okay criticizing them because they had a bit of a constraint: they were using their corporate sponsor’s logo, so they had to live with what they were given. See the problem though? Tons of dead space below it even though we’ve stretched it as wide as our screen printing machines will allow. Great logo for pens, letterheads, store signage, etc., but not a great logo for hockey jerseys.

Here Comes Trouble: Example of a logo that fills the space on the torso of a hockey jersey well

Similarly, although we don’t get the request as often, tall, skinny logos would tuck into your pants if it extended too far down your torso. Before you argue with us that your torso is a rectangle, remember we probably don’t want to extend much beyond the top of the pants.

Now, see this logo from "Here Comes Trouble". It’s quite similar to the Oilers’ or Bruins’ logos. Takes up the whole chest so you can wear it loud and proud.

TIP #2: The Optimal Chest Logo is 120 Sq Inches

Trust us. We spent time measuring a ton of NHL logos and they all gravitate towards this sort of coverage on the shirt. Square logos, such as Edmonton and Boston, run 11” by 11”. More rectangular logos, like the Carolina Hurricanes, run 14” or 15” wide.

Here is how a logo may look in a flat drawing. It looks as if there is a ton of empty space.

We often run into this discussion while creating mockups for customers. They see a picture of a jersey laying flat and we get asked constantly to make their logo bigger. The reality is that beyond 15” wide the logo begins to wrap under your arms and you can’t see it (we can certainly make it bigger if the style of shirt you selected allows for it, but we just recommend against it).

You need to remember that some of that jersey is going to wrap your torso and site under your arms, so it's effectively untouchable space as far as the logo is concerned.

Once the jersey is worn you can see it wraps around the body and the logo takes up the entire torso

Usually when we get this request on mockups it comes back to tip #1: customers have logos that are too wide/short/rectangular and are trying to make them take up more space on the jersey. Unfortunately, in those cases, the shape is the issue, not the size.

TIP #3: Minimize The Detail

Your jersey isn’t going to be hanging in the Hockey Hall of Fame anytime soon (sorry to break it to you). Even if you’re Crosby though, your jersey’s primary use is on the ice. Now, remember how people are seeing it: it’s moving at least 10 km/h, it’s wrinkling over your chiseled abs, and the puck bunnies sitting in the nosebleeds can’t see the fine details.

Example of how much detail should be in a hockey logo

See the Pittsburgh Penguins concept logo one customer printed. It’s clean and simple, so you can tell what it is from the other end of the rink.

Now, this isn’t a strict rule. You’ll see us point out tons of jerseys with really cool details in them (including on this page). Generally-speaking though, if you look at NHL (or other professional) logos you’ll notice a distinct lack of detail for the reasons we stated above. Having detail doesn’t make your logo “bad” and sometimes there are artistic or sentimental reasons to add them, just remember that the 20,000 screaming fans, even the ones who buy your sweaters, won’t notice the them.

TIP #4: Stick to 2 or 3 Colours

A 2-colour screen printed hockey jersey

Again, not a strict rule, but look at most NHL jerseys. The most common theme is for teams to have 3 colours in their striping patterns and include 2-3 of those colours in their logo. Less than that and it can get dull. More than that and it goes back to tip #2: it’s hard to decipher the details when playing the one of the fastest sports in the world.

The below logo is a fantastic example of sticking to 3 colours (it’s a 2-colour screen print though since we don’t print the red area).

TIP #5: Try Some Concepts Out With a Cheap Artist

In our custom hockey jersey pricing, we include drawing/vectoring/tweaking of one image. That means you need to come to us with very specific instructions on one concept, we draw it, then allow you 2 rounds of revisions (which can’t include changing the logo entirely) before we need to charge extra.

Unfortunately for our graphic designers they work in a profession that doesn’t always get a lot of respect. Their time is valuable and drawing up several concepts until a customer is happy could mean spending more on graphic design time than your whole set of jerseys is worth.

If your team budget can spare an extra $50 (hey, that’s only $3-5 per player) you can get a wide range of ideas drawn up from you using an inexpensive, overseas artist on a website like If you use that as your starting ground for logo generation to get something close you can bring it to use to pull that final mile before starting your custom jersey order.

Alternatively, although not as personalized, there are also automatic logo generation websites such as PlaceIt and BrandCrowd fool around with.

Some Of Our Favourite Custom Logos

These aren’t necessarily our favourites because they follow the above rules perfectly (in fact, a few break them quite badly). Some of these logos we likes because they’re cool, some because they’re unique, and some because they made us laugh!

Beer Kings - Calgary Alberta

This breaks the detail rule, but look at that detail on the suds!

Swamp Donkeys - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

It’s not exactly a Picasso, but we still chuckle every time we see it.

Reddit r/hockeyplayers jerseys (Canada, United States, UK, and Australia)

Back when we were first getting started we offered up to this subreddit to produce a custom jersey for them and ship it individually to each forum member worldwide. It was quite an undertaking and not something we’re sure we want endeavour in again in the near future, but it was fun while it lasted!

Their logo was a reference to the Narwhal meme on Reddit leveraging the Reddit colours and the Plymouth Whalers logo as a starting point. You may find it interesting, but this subreddit had a mere 5000 subscribers at the time we ran that order (and over 100 of them bought jerseys!).

Pylons - Kitchener, Ontario

We love it because it follows all of the rules so well that it just pops off the jersey. Can’t miss these Pylons.

Mid-Ice Crisis - Edmonton, Alberta

This definitely breaks the detail and colour rules, but whatever. This logo is far too fun to not like. In talking to this customer it sounds like a great group too: a number of players who took up hockey for the first time as adults (if we recall correctly – Mike, if you’re reading this, comment and correct us!).

Atta Boy Blue - Calgary, Alberta

Best Hockey Jersey Logos Atta Boy Blue

Know how we know we did a good job? When someone comes to us because they saw someone in their league with a set we made. The Atta Boy Blues had an opponent seek us out after seeing their jerseys!

Maryland Crabs - Frederick, Maryland

These guys didn’t just take the old Canucks logo, rip it off, and change the text (we couldn’t have printed it like that anyway). They went the extra mile to make it their own!

Gators Hockey - Regina, Saskatchewan

Two funny stories behind this one.

Story #1. This team met a guy at a bar when at an out-of-town tournament that warmed up to them so much he decided to sponsor a new set of jerseys for the boys (true story)! Maybe we should contact these guys to write a tutorial on, “How to get a stranger to sponsor your beer league hockey jerseys”?

Story #2. We were showing a customer logos from past customers to give him ideas. He loved the Gators logo. He brought it to the team and not only did they laugh at him, they booted him from being in charge of jerseys! What did he do? He contacted us to order a single jersey identical to the Gators’ original jerseys to show up at his next game with. Troll level 1000!

Gentlemen, if you're reading this, we'd love a team photo of these beauties!

Moose - Rockyview County, Alberta

Because, who doesn’t love a good Moose?

It’s the hockey team name equivalent of naming your baby boy something Biblical like Matthew, John, or Joshua.

Any tips and tricks you can share on designing a great logo? What is your team's logo?

Looking for custom hockey jerseys, socks, or other uniform products? Let us help you out!
We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States

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