How to Order Hockey Jerseys Cheap

Here’s a hypothetical situation: the hockey season is starting in a month. You have a team together, but you haven’t really played together a ton, so you don’t want to spend too much on jerseys. How do you purchase jerseys with a low budget?

We thought it would be helpful to provide some advice on how to keep your jersey price tags low.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

A Brief Overview

    • Get the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey model
    • Pick a one colour screen print art style
    • Pick one colour numbers
    • The total cost per jersey will be $34

The Cheapest Hockey Jersey is the Kobe 5400

So, you want to keep your price tag low. How can you do that? At, our cheapest jersey is going to be the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey. This model comes in solid colours with no striping patterns and the only option for artwork is having it screen printed. Before we get into logo options and colours, the base model 5400 jersey will run you $18 per jersey if you’re buying a set for between 12 and 24 people. Most beer league teams will have around 20 players.

cheapest hockey jersey option with screen printed logo

Example of a 1 colour screen printed 5400 jersey

The Cheapest Logo is a 1 Colour Screen Print

Now, you want to put your team logo on the jersey, but you’re still trying to keep the price low. Your best option is to go for a one colour screen print, which will cost $9 per jersey.

While this option may seem a little restrictive when it comes to colours, you effectively get two colours to work with in a one colour screen print: the colour of paint you pick, and the base jersey colour. We call this the “knockout method” when the base jersey colour is a part of the logo.

If you really want another colour of paint in your logo, the screen printing cost will increase from $9 to $12

Go With 1 Colour Numbers

So, let’s recap. We’ve settled for the Kobe 5400 model and a single colour screen print. Right now, your cost per jersey is $27. What’s left to decide on? Team numbers are the last thing you’ll want to add to your jersey, and they’re simple to explain.

Numbers will cost you $7 if they’re only one colour, and $16 for two colour numbers. So let’s pick the one colour option and add that to our hypothetical jersey. We’re now at $34, and that’s it! The cheapest jersey we can offer.

Heat pressed film name and numbers on a hockey jersey

Example of a 1 colour number

cheap hockey jersey model with a cariboo on the front

Example of a 2 colour screen print

Customizing Your Logo

Before you order though, don’t forget that we do cover your artwork fee for any small revisions of your logo (i.e. colour changes), but if you want us to do any major revisions (i.e. change the shape) then we will typically charge approximately $50 on top of the whole order. Overall, it won’t be much per jersey (for an order of 20 jerseys, it will only come to an extra $2.5 per jersey) so it’s worth doing if you care about having a logo you’re satisfied with. Just something to keep in mind when you’re ordering.

Take a look at our blog on logo making apps that’ll help you design a logo, even if you don’t have any experience.

A Brief Recap:

    • Get the Kobe 5400 Practice Jersey model
    • Pick a one colour screen print art style
    • Pick one colour numbers
    • The total cost per jersey will be $34

We hope that you found this guide helpful. If you're ready to order a set, click the button below and we'll set you up with a free quote for screen printed jerseys.


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