Baseball Jersey Sizing

Custom jerseys are made specially just for you, so it's important to get sizing right the first time. When in doubt, it's always best to err on the side of too big rather than too small.

We do have 2 different sizing charts for each brand we carry, so be sure to identify the correct sizing chart based on the product you're ordering.

Be sure to send a link to this page to the entire squad prior to ordering!

  • Step 1: Select Your Baseball Jersey Style

    1. Sublimated baseball jerseys: see JME Sublimated Baseball Jerseys
    2. Basic jerseys and pro twill jerseys: see Athletic Knit Baseball Jerseys

  • Step 2: Find an old Baseball Jersey

    Our sizing charts are based on garment measurements, not body measurements.

    Find a baseball jersey that fits you well to help identify the closest size.

  • Step 3: Compare vs. Our Measurements

    Lay your jersey flat on the ground. Measure the length from the same points as our diagram to find the closest size match.

  • Step 4: Read Our Guidelines

    We've sprinkled some extra notes to give you an idea as to what we "usually" see customers order.

    That said, keep in mind that everyone's body is different and everyone has different preferences as to what a proper "fit" looks like!

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Baseball Jersey Sizing

Baseball jersey sizing guidelines:

  • L and XL are the most common sizes for adult, male baseball players
  • If ordering Athletic Knit jerseys (i.e. if getting screen printed or pro twill jerseys) only a few models have ladies' sizing
  • Ladies' jerseys of both sizes taper in more at the hips than mens' sizes
  • If ordering custom sublimated baseball pants, please contact us for your baseball jersey sizing chart. For these orders we use an alternate manufacturer whose measurements differ slightly.

  • JME Sublimated Baseball Jersey Sizing

    Refer to this chart if purchasing sublimated baseball jerseys.

  • Athletic Knit Baseball Jersey Sizing

    Refer to this chart if purchasing screen printed or pro twill jerseys using a Athletic Knit jersey as the base/blank jersey.

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