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From an idea to your door: custom team uniforms done right

Custom sportswear and workwear companies are a dime a dozen. Seriously, how many times have you met someone’s “buddy” who started a t-shirt printing company that was going to “hook you up” with a deal?

We’ve seen it all: surprise surcharges, cut corners, botched orders, and fly-by-night operations that take weeks to respond.

Ordering custom sports uniforms and clothing is inherently a bumpy process. As a team captain, coach, manager, athletic director, business owner, or event planner you know the headaches involved with getting dozens of people on the same page with jersey design, sizing, and payment.

Although we can’t do your babysitting for you, we do our absolute best to keep the process moving as smoothly as possible to allow you to get back to playing, coaching, or doing your job/running your business.

JerseysMadeEasy.com was founded in 2014 with the goal of simplifying the process of custom hockey jerseys, which eventually led to custom team uniforms for just about any type of rec sports (Don't see it on our website? Just ask!). We realized that many rec sports team captains/sponsors were small business owners funding their club's jerseys. Pleased with the service they received, many returned with requests for custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. That eventually led to many referrals that had nothing to do with team sports uniforms at all!

In July 2020 SwagAndSafetyMadeEasy.com spun off as a separate website to better serve our non-sports customers: businesses (small and large), events, charities, and more!

Our Core Principles

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1. Transparent, Straightforward Catalogs

Ever browsed through thousands and products and had trouble distinguishing one from the next? We curate the best-of-the-best out there. We purposefully don't have the biggest selection on the block (although please let us know if you can't find something!) because we weed our unreliable manufacturers, low quality and overpriced products, and products that have regular inventory issues. Our objective is for you to find the product you're looking for with as little effort as possible!

We simplify pricing too. Setup fees, artwork fees, digitization fees, shipping fees, goalie cut and 2XL surcharges, captaincy charges…ever heard of these? They add up in a hurry, don’t they? We do our absolute best to build all of these into the costs you see on our website.

Our online quoting system will give you our best price upfront every time (no need to haggle) for all orders up to 100 units.

2. A Genuine Commitment Towards Perfecting your Creations

We’ve never been good at guessing games. Before sending anything to production we always insist all customers approve logo sizes, colours, and placement as well as sizing, name, and number lists. As exciting as receiving your custom clothing and uniforms should be, there shouldn’t be any surprises. We’re committed to delivering on exactly what you have approved!

Same goes for timelines. Before starting any order we confirm when you need your product for and we’ll communicate our best estimate for delivery. We believe in being upfront about timelines rather than taking orders and holding customers hostage after admitting their timelines won’t be met!

Below is a sample artwork proof to give you an idea of what you'll see before production

Sample Artwork Mockup Of Embroidered Twill Custom Hockey Jerseys

3. Helpful Customer Service With Human Beings

What good is a 5-day turnaround if it takes your sales rep a week to get back to you with basic questions? We pride ourselves on fast customer service response time because we know it plays a key role in getting you your product as quickly as possible. As much as we work to make our website as "self-serve" as possible, we're not the types to push you away from having a conversation with us: we encourage you to reach out!

It’s not our first rodeo and we know how the squad can leave you in a bad spot when they take an eternity to get you their order details.

More Than Just Hockey Jerseys

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Although our company built our reputation around custom hockey jerseys, our business has evolved to include nearly everything under the branded clothing and custom sports uniform umbrellas.

As of July 2020, we've spun all non-sports uniform products off into a separate website called SwagAndSafetyMadeEasy.com.

Don’t see something on our site? Just ask! We have a number of products not yet listed on our site that are available immediately if you email orders@jerseysmadeeasy.com or call 1-888-352-7999.

1. Sports Uniforms (screen printed, sublimated, or sewn twill)

Don't see a link to product details on our site? Email orders@jerseysmadeeasy.com

Custom Hockey Uniforms

Depicted: embroidered twill hockey jersey

Custom Ball and Dek Hockey Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated ball hockey t-shirt

Custom Baseball Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated full button baseball jersey

Custom Football Jersey Example

Custom Football Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated football jersey

Custom Basketball Jersey Example

Custom Basketball Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated basketball jersey

Custom Rugby Jersey Example

Custom Rugby Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated full button baseball jersey

Custom Soccer Jersey Example

Custom Soccer Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated soccer jersey

Custom Field Hockey Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated field hockey jersey

Custom Track and Field Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated track and field singlet

Custom Volleyball Jersey Example (Women's Cap Sleeve)

Custom Volleyball Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated volleyball jersey (women's cap sleeve)

Custom Wrestling Singlet Example

Custom Wrestling Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated wrestling singlet

Custom Cycling Jersey Example

Custom Cycling Uniforms

Depicted: sublimated cycling jersey

2. General Apparel (screen printed or embroidered)

For the following products please visit our sister site, SwagAndSafetyMadeEasy.com (don't worry: you'll get getting service from the same great team!).Don't see a link to product details on our site? Email orders@swagandsafetymadeeasy.com

Custom Shirts: t-shirts, sleeveless, and long sleeve

Depicted: screen printed t-shirt

Custom Sport Shirts (polo and golf shirts)

Depicted: embroidered golf shirt

Custom Sweaters (hoodies, 1/4 zips, crew necks)

Depicted: embroidered 1/4 zip sweater

Custom Jackets: soft shells, winter parkas

Depicted: embroidered soft shell jacket

Custom Caps/Hats

Depicted: embroidered flat brim cap

Custom Toques/Winter Hats

Depicted: embroidered toque/beanie

3. Workwear and High Visibility Clothing (screen printed or embroidered)

For the following products please visit our sister site, SwagAndSafetyMadeEasy.com (don't worry: you'll get getting service from the same great team!).Don't see a link to product details on our site? Email orders@swagandsafetymadeeasy.com

Tough Duck Sherpa Lined Duck Jac-Shirt WS03

Custom Workwear

Depicted: Tough Duck Sherpa Jacket

High visibility safety traffic vest - Big K BK101

Custom High Visibility Vests

Depicted: basic high visibility safety vest

High visibility long sleeve safety shirt with 4 inch stripes - Big K BK2008

Custom High Visibility Shirts

Depicted: high visibility long sleeve shirt

High Visibility Safety Hoodie - Tough Duck S494

Custom High Visibility Hoodies

Depicted: Tough Duck Unlined Safety Hoodie

High Visibility Tough Duck Safety Rain Jacket S372

Custom High Visibility Rain Gear

Depicted: Tough Duck Safety Rain Jacket

High Visibility Tough Duck 5-in-1 Safety Jacket S426

Custom High Visibility Cold Weather Jackets

Depicted: Tough Duck 5-in-1 Safety Jacket

High Visibility Tough Duck Quilted Lined Safety Overall S798

Custom High Visibility Overalls and Coveralls

Depicted: Tough Duck Lined Safety Overall

High Visibility Tough Duck Safety Cargo Work Pant SP01

Custom High Visibility Pants

Depicted: Tough Duck Safety Cargo Work Pant

Tough Tuck Cow Split Leather Fitters Glove Gi5506

Custom High Visibility and Workwear Accessories

Depicted: Tough Duck Cow Split Leather Glove

Our Team

John, Founder/Owner

Warning, this guy loves a good zipper-making video. John started JerseysMadeEasy.com in 2014, with the goal of making the jersey ordering process as simple as possible for customers. With a sharp mind and a business background in management consulting, he has a knack for making the most complicated of processes seem easy.

While we judge him for his YouTube video choices and elevator-style music playlists - he’s been a great leader and friend to the team. In his time off (which isn’t much) he enjoys playing sports, spending time with his son, and making spreadsheets.

Perry, Sales

In addition to being a lifetime family friend of John’s, Perry was also his coach in minor hockey (not sure what that says about his coaching skills though).

Perry joined the JerseysMadeEasy.com team in 2018 after a 35 year career as an executive in the grocery business. Perry is consistently our “utility man”, helping with everything from strategic decisions to local deliveries.

In addition to a lifetime of business wisdom, Perry consistently brings an unmatched level of sass into the office, particularly after a Habs win. Outside of the office Perry enjoys reading, running, gardening, and spending time with his family.

Please note: if you came here looking for CanadianJerseySuperstore.com, it was merged with JerseysMadeEasy.com, our sister website, in March 2017

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