Hockey Sock Sizing

Many of us have played on a team where socks are just tossed at us and we never even pay attention to the size they were. Have no fear! Sizing is not at all complicated. You simply need to select the length the corresponds with your favourite pair of socks! When in doubt, it's always best to err on the side of too big rather than too small (nothing tape can't fix).

We do have 2 different sizing charts for each brand we carry, although measurements between the two brands are close enough that you'd generally be wearing the same size in each.

Be sure to send a link to this page to the entire squad prior to ordering!

  • Step 1: Select Your Sock Style

    1. Sublimated hockey socks: see JME Sublimated Hockey Socks
    2. Stock hockey socks (then, select knit or premium performance socks): see Kobe Hockey Socks

  • Step 2: Find an Old Pair of Socks

    Our sizing charts are based on garment measurements, not body measurements.

    Find a pair of hockey socks that fit you well to help identify the closest size.

  • Step 3: Compare vs. Our Measurements

    Lay your socks flat on the ground. Measure the length from the same points as our diagram to find the closest size match.

  • Step 4: Read Our Guidelines

    We've sprinkled some extra notes to give you an idea as to what we "usually" see customers order.

    That said, keep in mind that everyone's body is different and everyone has different preferences as to what a proper "fit" looks like!

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Hockey Sock Sizing

Hockey sock sizing guidelines:

  • We recommend forgetting about the size labels as they're inconsistent across brands. Focus on the measurement, which is the literal length of the sock
  • 28"-30" are the two most common sizes for male, adult players
  • Premium performance hockey socks (either from Kobe or JME's sublimated jerseys) have minimal stretch, but also do not shrink in the wash
  • This minimal stretch means that performance socks generally fit wider (we have to account for the range of shin pad/leg widths)
  • Knit hockey socks are more forgiving with sizing. They can stretch an extra few inches, but they can also shrink if washed in warm water and thrown in the dryer
  • JME sublimated hockey socks are made to order, so we're able to offer socks in increments of 2" rather than the 4" increments of stock, Kobe socks
  • Athletic Knit socks come in different increments. Performance socks are 21", 25", 30", and 30" extra wide while their knit socks come in 22", 26", and 32"

  • JME Sublimated Hockey Sock Sizing

    Refer to this chart if purchasing sublimated hockey socks.

  • Kobe Hockey Sock Sizing

    Refer to this chart if purchasing Kobe Sportswear hockey socks. Please note that premium performance hockey socks (pro style) have different sizing increments than knit hockey socks.

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In-stock hockey socks from Kobe ship within 1-2 business days.

Custom hockey socks are delivered within roughly 6 weeks.

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