Hockey Sock Sizing

How To Measure Your Hockey Sock Size

Hockey sock sizing is about as easy as it gets: it's simply measured as the length of the sock. The sock will run from your ankle to about 75% of the way up your thigh (to meet the Velcro tabs on your jock).

Since socks are simply measured according to length most brands do not have a "youth" or "adult" size.

Sock lengths do NOT measure the Velcro tabs. Some brands' Velcro tabs extent beyond the sock while others are contained entirely within them.

Please note that every brand uses different increments and labels different lengths with different sizes. Depending on which socks you are ordering from us you'll need to determine the appropriate size from the chart below

Hockey Sock Sizing: Kobe Knit Hockey Socks, Kobe K3G Hockey Socks (New Style Polyester), and Private Label Limitless Sublimated Hockey Socks (New Style Polyester). Knit Hockey Socks stretch when pulled and shrink when tumble dried. Polyester (new style) socks do no stretch. The Kobe version has Velcro tabs contained entirely within the socks while the sublimated socks have a tab that extends outside of the sock.
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