Hockey Pant Shell Sizing

So you're taking the plunge to outfit the team head-to-toe, eh?

Fortunately, due to adjustable belt sizes, pant shells are one of the most forgiving items when it comes to sizing. That doesn't mean it's not nice to get that perfect fit though!

Be sure to send a link to this page to the entire squad prior to ordering!

  • Hockey Pant Shell Sizing Chart

    JME Sublimated Hockey Pant Shell Sizing

    Refer to this chart if purchasing sublimated hockey pant shells

Pant Shell Sizing Recommendations

  • The easiest method: measure your waist with your hockey pants on, then choose the pant shell size where your waist is most closely aligned to the "middle" of the measurements (e.g. if your waist is 44.5" with your hockey pants on, choose an Adult Medium pant shell that fits waists from 41-46")
  • The maximum waist size for each pant shell size is the size with the belt fully extended/the pant covers fully relaxed
  • The minimum waist size for each pant shell size is our recommendation for the tightest the belt should be tightened. Beyond/lower than that waist size we see excess "bunching" of the pant covers
  • Don't be alarmed by the waist sizes you see on our chart! On a typical adult we see hockey pants add 6-8 inches to their "regular" waist size they might use when shopping for everyday clothing
  • While we recommend comparing to existing garments with jerseys and socks, we recommend against this method when it comes to pant shells. From our experience, different fabrics can "bunch up" more or less between the legs, resulting in the same measurements of shells to fit differently
  • Our sublimated pant shells are made from the same snag-resistent materials as our jerseys and socks. We use the same material for the purpose of maintaining colour matching between jerseys, socks, and pant covers

Ready to order hockey pant shells?

Custom hockey pant shells are delivered within roughly 6-7 weeks.

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