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You have to look like a team to play like a team

Custom Hockey Uniform Products

Add your team logo, names, and numbers to any of these products to really make things your own!

Custom turnaround time varies by product, time of year, and shipping destination. Each individual product will list its typical timeline while you quote. Please budget additional time to collect sizes, money, and design approvals from your team.

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Custom Hockey Jerseys

A variety of options to hit your budget, taste, and timeline demands.

Choose from screen printing, sublimation, and embroidered twill options.

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Custom Hockey Socks

We have two options:
1. Custom knit hockey socks, for a traditional look and a smaller budget

2. Custom sublimated hockey socks, for a modern feel and unlimited design flexibility

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Custom Hockey Pant Shells

Bring the matching look to a whole new level with custom hockey pant covers.

All of our pant shells are fully sublimated, meaning you can get custom colours, striping, logos, and even numbers all at a flat rate.

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In-Stock Hockey Products

These products ship as-is (no customization) within 1-2 business days of your order from a Toronto, Ontario-based warehouse. Most backorders are filled domestically within 2-4 weeks.

Bulk discounts/volume breaks are available and automatically applied at checkout.

There are no minimums on in-stock products listed on our website. All in-stock hockey products are manufactured by Kobe Sportswear. Athletic Knit hockey products are available by email in quantities of 12 or more.

Blank Hockey Jerseys

Blank Hockey Jerseys

Don't need a logo? Have a local screen printer you want to use? Or maybe you're the DIY type?

Whatever you're reason, we've got you covered!

Everything from practice jerseys to pro weight jerseys that match NHL striping.

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Stock Hockey Socks

Hundreds of patterns of off-the-shelf patterns for both:
1. Traditional, knit hockey socks
2. Premium, performance, "new style" hockey socks (the type with Velcro tabs)

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Stock Hockey Pant Shells

Solid-coloured hockey pant shells to create a more uniform look without breaking the bank.

**We are currently in the process of website updates. Stock pant shells will return to our site soon.

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Stock Hockey Bags

Hockey equipment bags come in 2 styles (and many sizes, including goalie-sized):
1. Traditional, canvas-style bags
2. Modern, pro-style bags

Hockey jersey bags come in 2 styles:
1. Team garment bags
2. Individual garment bags

**We are currently in the process of website updates. Hockey bags will return to our site soon.

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