Custom Hockey Socks

Choose a style of sock to get started!

We can build socks to fit almost any budget or design requirement!

Custom Knit Socks

Limitless Custom Socks


1. Traditional Custom Jerseys

Traditional knit hockey socks with a 65% polyester 35% cotton blend

2. Limitless Custom Jerseys

"New style" high performance 100% polyester socks


1. Traditional Custom Jerseys

$16.49 flat-rate

2. Limitless Custom Jerseys

$30 CAD flat-rate

Customization Capabilities

  • Change the colours on any NHL striping pattern to match your team!
  • 14 yarn colours to choose from
  • Custom logos/graphics unavailable
  • A complete blank canvas with 40+ colours to choose from!
  • Add logos, custom graphics, and numbers at no extra charge
  • Striping and graphics are all sublimated into the sock fabric


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