15 Cool NHL Concept Logos

15 Cool NHL Concept Logos

We Decided to Create Our Own Alternate NHL Logo Concepts

We all have our favorite NHL team. Those of us who've been following our team for years will know that teams change their logos from time to time. It’s always interesting to see a team rebrand, and even more fun to think up our own logo ideas.

In this list, we’re going to talk about some of our own concept NHL logos. What’s more is you can legally use these logos in your jersey design if you're looking for custom jerseys. Without further ado, let’s get into some unique and creative variations of NHL logos.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

Alternate LA Kings Logo

Our designer came up with some pretty cool retro coloured logos for the LA Kings. These colours are called "Forum Blue and Gold".

These variations see the lion from the 2002 logo become a centre piece. The "royal" colours seem to go well with the lion theme, afterall, the lion is the king of all predators.

Alternate version of LA Kings hockey logo with a lion wearing a crown

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

The overall crest is a bit more interesting than the official logo, with the inclusion of crossed hockey sticks in the background. We also ensured that the second altered logo stays true to the "crest shape" from the official logo.

Overall, we think that it's refreshing to see an LA Kings logo with their original colours and new focus on the lion mascott.

Alternate Arizona Coyotes Logo

The Coyotes have one of the coolest logos in the league, hands down. The simple, clean look makes it standout, not to mention the colours that are unique from any other team.

Here we have a version with quite a few differences. Firstly, the name is stuffed right into the coyote’s mouth, and the font that it uses has a wild look that’s fitting for a team named the Coyotes.

Alternate Arizona Coyotes hockey logo concept

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

The eye has a menacing red glint in it, and the snout is much pointier than the original. Wouldn’t want to boop that snoot. We like that the logo kept the original three fur spikes, but moved them to the side instead of the bottom.

What’s more is that this logo nods to the old Coyotes logo. See how the far half of the coyote head is white? This is an homage to the one-sided goalie mask that the old Coyotes mascot wore.

Alternate Washington Capitals logo

The capitals’ alternate logo has some major changes but keeps the overall theme. The font is changed, for starters, to a rounder and less aggressive font.

Capitals hockey logo redesigned with light blue and red

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

Furthermore, the blue in the original logo was exchanged for a much lighter blue that makes the logo pop.

Overall, this one kept the simplicity of the old logo but made it a little more colourful. The only thing that’s missing is the hockey stick t.

Alternate St. Louis Blues Logo

The St. Louis Blues logo is a classic. The alternate logo we created is shaped like a treble clef, a common musical symbol. It also happens to be in the shape of a B for the Blues. The colours are all the same as well, so you don’t have to be a music connoisseur to recognize this as the Blues’ logo.

Saint Louis Blues unique hockey logo in the shape of a treble clef unique

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

Our second St. Louis logo is one that might belong on our dirty hockey jerseys blog, but we thought we’d add it to the list anyways. The two music notes are shaped like a pair of… you can probably guess. And yes, this is something we’ve printed for a team in the past.

If you were to put either of these logos this on your jerseys, screen printing would be your best shot because of how few colours there are in the logo. Click here for a quote on screen printed jerseys if you’re looking for a set.

Alternate Predators Logo

The Nashville Predators have a pretty awesome colour scheme, so we stuck with that in our alternate version. However, everything else is different.

In the first alternate logo, we see a newly designed sabre tooth tiger, as well as a completely new crest shaped like a guitar pick. The R also has two fangs that jut out like tusks, which is a neat feature.

Nashville Predators Sabre tooth tiger custom hockey logo

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

The second logo we have reinvents the concept by using a tiger skull.

We actually really like how these two logos turned out. We would totally wear either of them on a jersey.

Alternate Buffalo Sabres Logo:

The only thing that’s the same in this alternate logo is the colour scheme, but everything else is completely different.

If you look a little bit closer, you can see that there’s a sword hilt hidden in the S and the blade is the blue strip that juts out under the logo. It’s kind of hidden but once you see it you can’t unsee it.

Buffalo Sabres hockey logo redesigned with sword art

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

We thought it was a cool way to integrate the sabre into the logo. The only thing that’s missing is the angry eyed buffalo.

Alternate Florida Panthers Logo

This one is an alternate version of the Panthers’ logo and uses the arm to form a P, which is a pretty cool use of the panther shape. It’s got much more detail than the original crest as well.

Florida Panthers hockey logo concept using letter shapes

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

Other than the change of shape, the colours are all the same which makes it easily identifiable as the Panthers logo.

Alternate Edmonton Oilers Logo:

This alternate Oilers logo is fun and a bit cartoonish. The orange and blue are dialed up to be much lighter. The gear gives off industrial vibes, fitting for the Oilers’ brand.

Edmonton Oilers hockey logo redesigned as a gear shape

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

The other cool feature here is that the 6 dots that surround the gear represent the number of Stanley Cups the Oilers have won.

Since the Oilers have historically never made any major changes to their logo, it’s fun to see a modern and cartoonish rendition.

Alternate Calgary Flames Concept Logo:

Here we have two variations on the Flames Logo. They’re both stallions, and if you look closely you’ll see they look somewhat like an F for Flames.

The first one is closer in terms of colour to the original but is otherwise completely transformed. We tried to have it stay just true enough to the original to be instantly recognizable as the Flames.

Calgary Flames hockey logo flaming horse concept

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

The second logo is a midnight version with a white outline. It does also look a little more like an F than the previous one.

These two logos would actually be a great pair to put on a reversible jersey (a jersey with home on one side and away on the other). Don’t know much about reversible jerseys? Click here to read about their pros and cons.

Alternate Blue Jackets Logo

The overall shape of this alternate logo is meant to look like a B for Blue Jackets, but the top is a union soldier hat and the bottom is an American flag.

The hockey stick that’s held at the bottom also has a Bayonnette on it, an homage to civil war era rifles.

Blue Jackets hockey logo redesigned as a union soldier

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

This logo’s creative use of shapes and historical symbols makes it a bit more interesting to look at than the original – perhaps a little too cartoony for the Washington State team but the ideas incorporated into the logo are pretty cool!

Because of the many colours in this logo, sublimation would be a better route for artwork. Click here to get a quote on sublimated jerseys.

Alternate Boston Bruins Logo

The Boston Bruins have a very traditional looking logo, so we decided to mix it up a little bit and make it more modern and menacing.

The first altered logo includes a bear, the Bruins' team animal. It's nice to see the bear be included in the logo and we think that the brown fits quite well with the rest of the colours. If you've read our blog about logo design, you'll also know that it's best to keep the proportions of the image square, which is an important feature of the Bruins' logo. So we tried to keep version 1 relatively the same size.

Boston Bruins concept logo with an angry bear

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

The second logo we have is a B with claw marks across it, which is a nod to the bear, again. This one actually reminds us of the Raptors logo because of the scratch marks. This one is perhaps not fit for a chest logo but would be awesome as a shoulder logo.

Alternate Senators Logo

In some way, almost all the features of the original logo are still present in the alternate version. The three black fin tails are located at the bottom of the S. The small arrows that outline the original logo can be seen snaking down the S towards the bottom. The mohawk is also included at the top, and the helmet visor wasn’t forgotten.

Ottawa Senators soldier hockey logo concept in the shape of an S

From left to right: official logo, alternate version

We tried to have the alternate stay true to the original while completely reinventing itself.

Alternate Tampa Bay Lightning Logo

The Tampa bay logo is pretty simple to begin with. We have a couple of logos that spice things up a bit and make it more interesting.

Did you know that Zeus, the Greek God, had a lightning shaped javelin? That's what our first logo looks like, which is pretty cool to begin with.

Tampa Bay Lightning fantasy logo with a hand holding a lightning bolt

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

The second logo we have here uses letter shapes to spell out L T for Tampa and Lightning. The two put together make a lightning bolt. It also includes some shading to break up the logo, something the original is missing.

By breaking free of the solid colour scheme of the official logo, we found some cool alternative ideas that would look pretty sweet on any jersey.

Alternate Vegas Golden Knights Logo

The Vegas Knights! Keeping the crest shape intact, we have a few alternative logos with some fresh looks.

First off, we have a chess themed logo. Not something we've seen in the Knights' logo before but it seems to go well with the "knights" theme.

Vegas Golden Knights logo concept with blue included

From left to right: official logo, alternate version 1, alternate version 2

Our second logo includes a completely new version of the knight's helmet, which has a grey plume on the top. What's kind of cool is that you can still see the V in the visor of this helmet, however, it's a different font than the original.

The swords also go nicely with the "knights" theme, but they could also easily be switched out for hockey sticks if that's what you wanted.

What did you think of this list? Are any of these concepts what you’d like to see on your favorite team’s jerseys? Or, even better, on your own jerseys? Let us help you out; click the button below for a free quote! We ship anywhere in Canada and the United States


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