Top 10 Dirtiest Hockey Jerseys. Try Not to Laugh!

Top 10 Dirtiest Hockey Jerseys. Try Not to Laugh!

Top 10 Dirtiest Hockey Jerseys. Try Not to Laugh!

Believe it or not, people can get creative when it comes to team names and logos. We’ve had some pretty suggestive and dirty ones come in over the years, and we always get a kick out of them. Some of them are subtle and you’ll have to think for a second before getting the joke. Others, well they’re a little more direct.

Without further ado, here are the dirtiest, most vulgar hockey jersey designs we’ve been commissioned to make.

The Sex Panthers

A Dirty Play on the Florida Panthers' Logo

This team is using the Florida Panthers’ logo and name but with a dirty twist. Of course, panthers are somewhat of a sexual symbol, so this logo really had it coming.

What you must admire about this team is their commitment to the outfit – they ordered socks and boxers as well, both with the word “sex” on them.

The Thundercocks

A Rooster You Wouldn't Want to Mess With

The Thundercocks nailed it with their logo. The overly buff rooster just looks awesome, and all the colours blend really well together. The name is masterly crafted, it’s humorous and bold. Well done, Thundercocks.

AM Lumber

A Seemingly Innocent Lumberjack Hockey Jersey with a Dirty Joke Behind It

This one is a hidden joke, and many people don’t get it at first sight. Perhaps it’s because there’s actually a lumber store in Cambridge, Ontario called A&M Woods.

The reason for the subtlety is because many leagues won’t accept names/logos if they’re dirty or sexual – so often, teams will hide their vulgarity in plain sight.

AM lumber, if you haven’t figured out, is a reference to a phenomenon called “Morning Wood”.


A Viking Themed Jersey with Some Very Noticeable Features

We’ve had many Viking themed jerseys… you can see this one here that’s a one colour screen printed hockey jersey.

However, this team took it a step further and made a very suggestive Viking logo with some obvious features that remove it from the PG category.  


A Clever but Dirty Use of Letters

Another logo that’s subtly dirty. Look closely and you may see some large G’s that are meant to look like breasts. The Bigguns are another team that were careful to not make their humour too obvious so that it didn’t get rejected by their league. Smart play.

Backdoor Bandits

Another Dirty Jersey?! This Time in the Canucks' Logo Colours

The backdoor bandits… what could that be referring to? Maybe they were great at flanking strategies… nice use of the Canucks’ colour scheme here. If you haven’t figured out what the logo is referring to… maybe ask a friend.

Many of these jerseys are screen printed, which is an artwork style that applies real ink to the jersey. If you want to learn more about the different types of jerseys, you'd find our blog about it helpful.

Dickens Cider

A Sneaky Sexual Joke You Might Miss

If you don’t get this one right away, try saying it out loud. We love how this team’s logo looks like a real cider company made it.

This is another example of a logo that a league would accept because they probably wouldn’t catch the vulgarity. At the bottom of the crest, it says “There’s nothing better than a hot Dickens Cider”. Classy, gentlemen.

Goal Diggers

A Play on Words on a Home and Away Set of Jerseys

Who doesn’t love a play on words? This team was named the Goal Diggers. The colour scheme matches up to the name; a black base and a gold logo.

The backstory is laughable too. Many team members opted to get the Canadian maple leaf on their shoulder patch instead of the stripper shown here, because they were embarrassed by the stripper.

The Goal Diggers' jerseys were sublimated, which is an art style that sets zero limits for what kind of design you put on your jersey. Sound enticing? Head over to this page and we'll give you a free quote for your set.

Pleasure Boss

Sponsored by a Dildo Company

The Grayblades logo has nothing dirty about it, it’s their sponsor that’s funny. Look closely and you’ll see the Pleasure Boss sponsor bar at the bottom back of the jersey. Pleasure Boss is a Dildo brand. Here’s the link to their website in case you don’t believe us (or, for “research” purposes).

The Tip Ins

A Logo that Looks a Lot Like...

This last jersey from the team “The Tip Ins” has a small, but incriminating detail. On the back there’s a sponsor bar that has a lot in common with a particular adult entertainment company logo. We’ll let you fill in the blanks here.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got a few chuckles out of it. These are all designs we've done in the past, so if you like one of them, let us know and we can print a set for your team! Click the button below for a free quote.


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