The Top 10 Dirtiest Baseball, Slo-Pitch and Softball Jerseys

The Top 10 Dirtiest Baseball, Slo-Pitch and Softball Jerseys

Here are 2022's Top 10 Dirtiest Baseball Jersey Designs

In this list we’re going to talk about some baseball, slo-pitch and softball jerseys that’re hilariously dirty and might make you laugh. Get ready to dive into some very, very creative baseball innuendos.

All of these designs were done for real teams by our designer Randy. If you like what you see, check out this blog to see more of the work that he’s done in the past.

Balls Deep

A Classic Pinstripe Baseball Jersey with Some Dirty Humour

These geniuses couldn’t help themselves. Like a G6 is a pop song from 2010 about drugs and babes (no, not Babe Ruth)… seems fitting. The jersey itself is pretty cool - the two shades of blue pair well together. Nice job to the Balls Deep team.

If you want to have a logo that’s as detailed (or as dirty) as this one you might find our blog about logo design helpful.

Master Batters

A Play on Words on a Full-Button Jersey

You can probably work this one out pretty easily. It seems there’s endless innuendos to be made with baseball terminology.

We can’t help wondering, were they actually good batters?


A Sexual Joke Done in a Classy Way

Yup, that's a baseball pun. A swinger is… well, in this case, it's not whoever's up to bat.

An enterprising team mate also picked the number 69 for his jersey.

Well done, a classy jersey with a bit of dirty humour behind it.  


The Montreal Expos with a Twist

What would the Montreal Expos have thought about this one? This team had some fun with the now retired team’s name.

Funny how a single S can make such a difference.

The team also used the Expos’ logo to replace the E and the P in “Sexpos”.


A Cool Sublimated Jersey With A Dirty Joke in the Logo

This team is named Tap the gap, which means… well, you can look it up.

Were they embarrassed of their choice of team name? Maybe that’s why the logo/team name are faded into the jersey, which makes it a little hard to see.

Either way, this is a funny one.  


Wiz Khalifa's Favorite Jersey

Maybe not so much sexual humor going on here but it's still a jersey we laugh about so we put it on the list.

The Wannabees have got a cool bumblebee theme going on here, with the black and yellow pinstripes and the bee in the logo (who is supposed to look “intimidating” but looks a little constipated instead).

Who doesn't love a good pun? this jersey earned its spot here.


Another Play on Words with a Crazy Logo

DTF is an acronym for “Down to f**k” for those who didn’t already know.

The team also had some fun on the back of the jersey, where they wrote “Am I In?” on boys’ jerseys and “Are you in?” on girls’ jerseys. Very funny, people.


Profanity. But Spelt Different!

This one is kind of humorous without crossing too many lines. A side note: the double sided fade effect on this jersey is kind of cool. That sort of thing can only be done on sublimated jerseys, something we can help you out with. Click here for a quote.


A Beer Themed Pinstripe Jersey

We all love a beer related jersey. This team is from a local brewery in Boissevain, a small town at the bottom of Manitoba.

Believe it or not, this town is where Betty Fox, Terry Fox’s mother grew up.

If you want to see more beer themed jerseys, we've got lots. Read our blog to see them too!


A Well Made Baseball Pun

Foul Balls is another dirty baseball pun. Fun name, simple jersey. Gotta love it.

If this blog gave you a chuckle and you want to see more funny jersey designs, have a look at our blog about funny hockey jerseys.

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