Funniest Beer League Hockey Jerseys 2021

Funniest Beer League Hockey Jerseys 2021

Here are some of the funniest jerseys we've built for beer league teams across North America

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

So, maybe you’ve read our list of Best Beer League Hockey Team Names and you’re wondering, “Does anyone actually use these names for their team?” The answer is a resounding YES!

Now, these are not necessarily meant to be the “best” beer league hockey jerseys, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We’ve divided this list into two simple categories:

  1. Beer-related (expanded to include all types of alcohol)
  2. Not beer-related (most often sexual innuendos or other dirty/NSFW puns, because you guys are like that)

Because we like to be different, we’ll start with number 2


Dinosaur Cowboys - Waterford, Connecticut

We need to start with one that still has us laughing to-date. It's not so much the logo that is funny alone as it is the back story.

As customer emailed us and said, "Teammate got a dumb tattoo, as you can see. So I figured I'd make his tattoo our team logo."

...and with just a Snapchat picture in hand we made it happen!

Fresh Lettuce - Emerald Park, Saskatchewan

Finish this sentence:

"Mullets and hockey are like __________ and __________"

Hard to keep a team off this list that pays homage to an iconic hockey look.

We're curious if any of these gentlemen happened to go to high school in Minnesota.

Wiarton Skoonerz - Barrie, Ontario

We're not sure what's funnier: the Microsoft Paint drawing or the fact that this team is in Barrie, Ontario and not, in fact, in Wiarton, Ontario.

We never did get the back story here.

Saskatoon Juulpods - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A separate inquiry from Saskatchewan came in 3 days before this one with the team name "Tide Pods". One can only assume this was a teammate.

We're guessing this was the "upgraded" name after a few team roundtables.

Dad Bods - Whitby, Ontario

Let’s ease into this thing and keep it PG, alright?

Boilers - Mississauga, Ontario

These fellas asked for some logo help when ordering jerseys from us, so we offered up some past creations. They ran with the Dad Bods and made it their own.

Eskimo Brothers - Knoxville, Tennessee

First time we’ve heard that one, right?

Eskimo Brothers - Vancouver, British Columbia

Oh wait, it’s not. Have we mentioned we also done more than one “Ice Holes” (although those photos are all either lost or were too boring to show you).

Backdoor Bandits - Cambridge, Ontario

Suggestions on the right emoji to describe this one?

Sex Panthers - Waterloo, Ontario

60% of the time, they win every time. Follow their shenanigans on Instagram.

These rebels went as far as to create matching shells too.

Thundercocks - Knoxville, Tennessee

We must say, great work on the logo!

Pucking Clowns - Kitchener, Ontario

Don’t miss the circus references on the shoulders.

50 in '07 - Kleinburg, Ontario

A reference to the famous @DanyAllstar15 Twitter account. Recap for those unfamiliar: this Twitter account was meant to be a parody of “Dany Heatley’s ego”.

The account made smart a** remarks about anything NHL-related and constantly reminded fans that Dany Heatley scored 50 goals in 2007.

Bigguns - Surrey, British Columbia

Our screening team didn’t quite notice what this one was until we pointed it out a week later.

AM Lumber - Oakville, Ontario and Denver, Colorado

A great one if you’re looking to mask your jokes to avoid being asked by the league to rename your team.

This team name/logo is so popular that we've had it ordered more than once!

Dickens Cider - Aurora, Ontario

Unfortunately, the first female member of our sales team was greeted with these jerseys going out the door her first week. Good thing she’s not easily offended.

Here's what we believe to be the original reference (if this is your type of humour).

Gary Busey Express - Toronto, Ontario

Usually we’re leery of using a celebrity’s face (for legal reasons), but this team showed us evidence that Gary Busey had personally signed their old jerseys and given their past sets several likes on social media, so we gave it a pass.

Our favourite touch is that instead of captaincy it spells out G-A-R-Y

Another beer league team you can follow on social media.

Zambronies - Waterloo, Ontario

Once again, not the only Zambronies team we’ve printed! Our screening team got a kick out of the fun little surprise that is the logo’s “wrench” when they went to print these.

Book Hockey - Toronto, Ontario

Not only far from the first first Book Hockey we’ve done, but also not the first “K” we’ve put for captaincy. What is a first though is their insistence to use lowercase “a’s” for alternate captains.

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of it, but we once had a team in Salem, Wisconsin “prank” their goalie by assigning him two captaincy “D’s”, one on each chest (oh, brother).


Alers - Elmira, Ontario

And they used the Hartford Whalers colours, get it?

Beer Kings - Calgary, Alberta

Please take a moment to zoom in and appreciate the detail that went into this logo. This customer hand drew this logo before turning it into vector art for us (if you don’t know what vector art is don’t worry, we can help at no extra charge).

One particular note we want to call out are the bubbles that are even inside the team name. To top it all off, these lads used the Brandon Wheat Kings striping pattern: fitting!

12 Oz Curls - Windsor, Ontario

These guys lift.

Boozehounds - Markham, Ontario

Ok, maybe these were baseball jerseys we printed, but the logo could definitely work for hockey jerseys as well!

Chicago Beers/Drunk Bears (Guelph, Ontario and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)

Similar logo, different teams.

The language of beer is universal, apparently.

King Cans - Guelph, Ontario

Great take on the NHL/MLB/NBA players association logos. Love this one

Gin and Tonic - Quebec City, Quebec

The reason we had to expand the label to include “more than beer”

Solar Bears - Lacombe, Alberta

Some may think of this colour scheme as the “Miami Dolphins” but we pushed for Kobe Sportswear to add it to their inventory because of the volume of customers wanting to pay homage to the Flint Tropics. We only have one rule on team JME, and that is E.L.E.!

Tall Cold Ones - Orangeville, Ontario

These gents came to us with a team name, but no logo. We worked together though and we got there!

Which is your favourite and why? Comment below!

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