Jango Sportswear Owner Joins JerseysMadeEasy.com

Jango Sportswear Owner Joins JerseysMadeEasy.com

Reknowned Graphic Artist Joins JerseysMadeEasy.com 

Here at JerseysMadeEasy.com, we’ve recently had the good fortune of hiring Randy Stiles, a well-known graphic designer in the sportswear industry. In this blog we’re going to talk about some of his experience, what he enjoys about his job, and why we’re glad to have him.

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

Randy's Roots in the Industry

Randy's Worked for Projoy, Jango Sportswear and Magnum Sportswear

Randy’s not new to the industry. He’s been designing custom jerseys in all sorts of sports since the year 2000 when he was hired by ProJoy, a custom sportswear company in Guelph. He worked there from 2000-2006.

In 2006, he ventured to start his own company called Jango Sportswear (named after his dog, Jango) where he sold custom sportswear for 11 years. During this time, he created a lot of sublimation jerseys in all sorts of sports: baseball, hockey, cycling, lacrosse, track, etc. Check out our blog about sublimation to learn more about this type of jersey.

After Jango Sportswear, he worked for Magnum Sportswear, another custom jersey firm. What we’re trying to say is, Randy has a little bit (okay, a lot) of experience in clothing design.

Innovation is Key to Randy's Success

Pioneered City Skyline Jersey Designs

Custom Baseball Full Button Pinstripe Jersey with New York Skyline Background

An example of a city skyline jersey

When we asked Randy why designing sportswear is exciting for him, he explained that he loves to experiment and try new concepts/designs. Believe it or not, Randy pioneered the practice of having a city skyline at the bottom of jerseys, which has become popular in the industry.

This Pinstripes jersey is one of Randy’s creations, where you can see the skyline graphic at the bottom. This is a jersey that would turn heads on the field without a doubt.

If you're a sucker for cool and unique baseball jerseys, do we have something for you! This blog is all about Randy's best Baseball jerseys that he's made over the years.

It's the Details that Matter

Designing Hockey Jerseys With Stylized Collars

A cool "gold miner" design with a gold chain around the collar

Something else Randy pioneered was stylized collars. What’s a great way to spice up your jersey? Add a chain around the collar! It’s a small touch that really makes a difference.

Interested in Custom Jerseys Since Childhood

Randy Collected Hockey Jerseys When he was Young

Hockey Jersey with a dragon on the front and a lightning bolt pattern on top of a fade effect background

One of Randy's early designs from 2001

As it turns out, Randy's wanted to do this kind of work since he was a kid. On a Grade 1 assignment, he wrote that he wanted to be a “hockey player or an artist” when he grew up. Later, he crossed out the “player” part of his answer.

Funnily enough, his prediction came true. Furthermore, before he even got into designing jerseys and starting his own company (Jango Sportswear), he collected jerseys as a hobby. It’s safe to say that Randy has the hockey bug.

What makes us most excited to work with Randy is his motivation to satisfy his customers. In his words, he loves “creating something where people love wearing it and it turns heads.” You can come to Randy with a vague idea of a logo, or with specific designs. Either way, he’s going to make sure you’re satisfied with the end result. In fact, he loves it most when you have a vague idea of what you want him to design, because that’s when he can get creative and make something fresh/new.

Some of Randy's Favorite Designs

Below are some of Randy’s personal favorites from his time at Jango Sportswear and Magnum Sportswear, as well as some of his commentary about them.

How Randy Designed Army Jet Jerseys

An army themed hockey jersey with a  photorealistic jet on the front overtop of a blue background

The Langley Army team's jet jersey

Randy: “The Langley Army jersey was a real challenge, as this was the first time that I had to line up a photographic image across seams. The graphic placements had to be perfect in order for the right wing of the jet to cross from the front of the jersey onto the sleeve. The customer even wanted individual player numbers to be mounted on the front of the jet, so I had to manipulate each number to appear as if they followed the curve of the jet’s nose.”

If you’re going to go with a photorealistic design, you’d better use sublimated jerseys as they’re the only way to do this sort of thing.

What's Cool About This Jersey:

    • The jets have custom numbers printed on the nose
    • The jet wing transfers across the seams perfectly
    • It's a photographic picture
    • It's a friggin' jet!

The Camouflage Goalie Jersey

“The stealth goalie jersey was something that would not have worked if any shortcuts had been taken. I had the customer send in images of the goalie nets from their home rink, and I matched the images of the net and the dinged-up rink boards. The customers really appreciate these details, and it makes their designs work.”

Goalie hockey jersey with a hockey net texture overtop of a rinkboard background

The invisible goalie jersey design

What's Cool About This Jersey:

    • It's textured to look like a hockey net
    • The black spots spimulate the porous texture of a rinkboard
    • The design is meant to "camouflage" the goalie wearing it

You can see why we’re excited to have Randy join our team. Scroll down to see more of his designs. Click the button below to get a quote for sublimated jerseys, and include a note in your order if you want to have Randy work on your logo designs!


Flip Through More of Randy's Designs

skull with wings yellow custom hockey jersey made by Jango Sportswear
Budweiser beer themed red custom hockey jersey
Chicago skull custom hockey jersey made by Jango Sportswear
Bulldog themed hockey jersey with New York skyline in the background
Evil and scary themed skull hockey jersey custom made
crazy brown wolf and mut themed custom hockey jersey
Cool custom hockey jersey with fade effect
firemen and police themed hockey jersey by Jango Sportswear
Sparkling light blue custom hockey jersey
Monster themed hockey jersey by Jango Sportswear
green custom lacrosse jersey with a kangaroo mascot
Crazy clown themed hockey jersey with a tie made by Jango Sportswear
Scary hawk themed custom hockey jersey with fade effect


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