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NHL Pattern K3G Pro Hockey Socks: St. Louis Blues Winter Classic

NHL Pattern K3G Pro Hockey Socks: St. Louis Blues Winter Classic

Kobe Sportswear


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About the Kobe K3G Pro Hockey Socks

What makes a great jersey even better? Matching socks, that's what.

There doesn't seem to be a universal name for "new style" hockey socks: mesh hockey socks, pro style, edge style, performance socks, polyester socks. Whatever your choice of language, the K3G Pro hockey sock has you covered.

Using the same K3G fabric from Kobe's jerseys these hockey socks provide a breathable, stylish, and modern option to compliment your jerseys. Socks fasten to jock shorts using internal Velcro strips on the front and back of the sock.

The K3G Pro Hockey sock now boasts over 120 in-stock patterns with striping matched precisely to their corresponding NHL, NCAA, or feature film jersey. All K3G Pro socks have a matching K3G Pro hockey jersey. Socks are all in-stock and ready to ship from a Toronto-based warehouse within 1-3 business days!

Detailed K3G Pro Socks Description

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List of All K3G Pro Mesh Hockey Sock Patterns

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Mix-and-match any model of stock jerseys, socks, or pant shells and receive quantity breaks based on the total number of Kobe items in your cart.

See product descriptions for the appropriate price breaks for each item.

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Sock Cut Details

• Built-in Velcro tabs, elastic cuffs

• Available sizes:
XS (18")
S (22")
M (26")
L (30")

These mesh-style hockey socks do not stretch or shrink like their knit sock counterparts.

Please note: There is no "adult" or "youth" sizing in socks. For example, almost all adult men will wear at least a medium (26") sock.

Sizing increments vary substantially by sock model and brand. The most accurate way to determine sock sizing is by measuring the length and finding the correct length required.

Fabric Type

K3G fabric, Kobe's flagship pro weight fabric (100% polyester).

This fabric is durable and very quick to dry. We have customers who continue to use K3G socks they purchased 10+ seasons ago.

It does not shrink when washed.

Please note: Colours are meant to be accurate enough to easily identify which team each pattern represents, but the degree of colour accuracy varies by team. Although striping is matched to NHL teams, colours are all a "close match" and not meant to represent authentic, replica jerseys. Officially-licensed replica NHL uniforms utilize many shades of fabric specific to each team.

Kobe Sportswear utilizes a smaller number of colours to keep fabric costs down. These socks are purpose-built for recreational/amateur hockey, not for the purpose of souvenirs or replicas. As such, many teams that have slightly different shades of a colour will see Kobe use the same colour for all of them (e.g. Detroit, New Jersey, and Chicago all utilize the same "red". Kobe also utilizes only 8 shades of blue across all uniforms whereas official NHL uniforms utilize well over a dozen blues).

If you are looking for an official replica socks for collecting purposes we do not recommend this product.

Companion Products

All Kobe K3G hockey socks have a matching K3G Pro hockey jersey. Most K3G Pro socks also have a corresponding Kobe 9800 Pro knit hockey sock, should your team want to "mix and match" both styles of socks to appease multiple preferences.

Please see the product description for links to the appropriate matching jersey.

Manufacturing Location

Kobe K3G Pro hockey socks are cut and sewn in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, Canada using imported fabric. Read more about Kobe Sportswear here.

This is one of the last stock models of hockey socks from any brand to be made in Canada.