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NHL Pattern 9800 Knit Hockey Socks: Anaheim Ducks 2006 Black

NHL Pattern 9800 Knit Hockey Socks: Anaheim Ducks 2006 Black

Kobe Sportswear


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About the Kobe 9800 Pro Knit Hockey Socks

Why fix what's not broken, right?

"New style" mesh hockey socks have been around for over 15 years now, yet we still see about 50% of our customers spring for the old, reliable knit hockey socks.

What's kept them around, you ask? They're less expensive, have more forgiving sizing, and "hug" the shin pad more tightly than more modern socks.

The 9800 pro knit hockey sock now boasts over 110 in-stock patterns with striping matched to their corresponding NHL, NCAA, or feature film jersey. Most 9800 Pro knit hockey socks have a matching K3G Pro hockey jersey. Socks are all in-stock and ready to ship from a Toronto-based warehouse within 1-3 business days!

Detailed 9800 Pro Knit Hockey Socks Description

More on the Pro Knit Hockey Socks

List of All 9800 Pro Knit Hockey Sock Patterns

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All Kobe Sportswear products purchased in the same order get "bundled" together to give you the best possible pricing.

Mix-and-match any model of stock jerseys, socks, or pant shells and receive quantity breaks based on the total number of Kobe items in your cart.

See product descriptions for the appropriate price breaks for each item.

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Sock Cut Details

• Available sizes:
S (20")
M (24")
L (28")
XL (32")

These knit hockey socks can stretch an extra 2-3 inches. Due to the cotton content, they can shrink up to 4 inches in a washer/dryer cycle (the more heat applied, the more they will shrink). To avoid shrinkage we recommend washing in cool water and air drying.

Please note: There is no "adult" or "youth" sizing in socks. For example, almost all adult men will wear at least a medium (26") sock.

Sizing increments vary substantially by sock model and brand. The most accurate way to determine sock sizing is by measuring the length and finding the correct length required.

Fabric Type

All Kobe knit hockey socks are 65% polyester, 35% cotton (150D yarn).

See sizing tab for details on potential shrinkage.

Please note: Colours are meant to be accurate enough to easily identify which team each pattern represents, but the degree of colour accuracy varies by team. Although striping is matched to NHL teams, colours are all a "close match" and not meant to represent authentic, replica jerseys. Officially-licensed replica NHL uniforms utilize many shades of fabric specific to each team.

Kobe Sportswear utilizes a smaller number of colours to keep fabric costs down. These socks are purpose-built for recreational/amateur hockey, not for the purpose of souvenirs or replicas. As such, many teams that have slightly different shades of a colour will see Kobe use the same colour for all of them (e.g. Detroit, New Jersey, and Chicago all utilize the same "red").

If you are looking for an official replica socks for collecting purposes we do not recommend this product.

Also, knit sock yarn colours are not always a perfect match in colour shade to their corresponding jersey. All colours are close enough that they match (e.g. kelly green is still kelly green), but the degree to which the exact shade matches perfectly varies by colour. We do, however, receive very few complaints about this discrepancy given that socks and jerseys are not directly next to each other on a player's body.

Companion Products

Most Kobe 9800 pro knit hockey socks have a matching K3G Pro hockey jersey. Most 9800 Pro knit hockey socks also have a corresponding Kobe 9800 Pro knit hockey sock, should your team want to "mix and match" both styles of socks to appease multiple preferences.

Please see the product description for links to the appropriate matching jersey.

Manufacturing Location

Kobe 9800 Pro knit hockey socks are manufactured in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, Canada using imported fabric. Read more about Kobe Sportswear here.

Because knit hockey socks utilize special, dedicated machines not used for manufacturing other products (e.g. jerseys, mesh hockey socks, etc.), backorders tend to be less frequent and shorter in the event they do occur (typically 2-3 weeks).