Top 10 Best Baseball, Slo-Pitch and Softball Jerseys

Top 10 Best Baseball, Slo-Pitch and Softball Jerseys

A list of the top 10 baseball jerseys that Randy, our designer, has made in the past.
John Fackoury
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Best Beer League Hockey Jerseys 2021

Best Beer League Hockey Jerseys 2021

Here are some of the top jerseys we've built for beer league teams across North America

Examples of products we've created for hockey teams across Canada and the United States

We all know the axiom, “You need to look good to play good”, but how do you make it happen? We don’t have a flippin’ artist on our team!

Lucky for you, we’ve been at the custom jersey game since 2014 and not only do we know a thing or two about it, but we’ve got the resume to prove it. If you’re reading this post there’s a good chance you’re looking for some design ideas for your next set of men’s league sweaters.

This list is comprised of some of the nicest-looking hockey jerseys we’ve built (click here if you’re looking for the Funniest Beer League Hockey Jerseys or Best Beer League Hockey Team Names instead).

Tight budget, you say? We did our best to mix it up: not only did we include some of the fanciest, most expensive jerseys we’ve built but we also show off sets printed on basic practice jerseys.

So, if you’re more hockey player than graphic designer feel free to use the below examples as a starting point before getting in-touch with us to order your team’s next set of custom hockey jerseys.

Each year we’ll keep adding to this list as we find more favourites, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or join our email list in order to know when we make next year’s updates!

G67s - Newbury, Ohio

Believe it or not, this is actually a youth spring team. We make the rules around here and our rules state that if the jersey looks good enough then it doesn't matter if the players are of drinking age to be included on this list.

Embroidered twill applique logo, the Ottawa Senators alternate jersey, and 3 colour twill numbers made it easy for this set to secure a spot on our list.

Ice Aged - Garner, North Carolina

Great name, great logo, and really easy-to-deal-with customer. That's one way to make our list!

We seem to have fumbled the photo of the backs of these jerseys, but this team went with the rare sublimated twill numbers to achieve that "3-colour" number effect without weighing down the jersey.

Reversible Jerseys

Cambridge Canucks - Cambridge, Ontario

Reversible jerseys have been a hit since we introduced them in late 2019. And why not? They're great value being far less than purchasing 2 separate sets of jerseys.

We enjoyed this twist on the Canucks' logos, jazzing up the lumberjacket with a different outfit and beard as well as changing the skate on the "old" Canucks logo to a more modern one.

Interested in ordering your own reversible hockey jerseys? Get a quote and get in-touch here.

Nordeen Boys - West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

It's funny: certain jerseys that (at least from our perspective), got a lot of hate while they were a thing seem to become favourites in the world of beer league.

Amazing logo with the fun and sometimes forgotten Atlanta Thrasher alternate striping striping pattern.

We're excited for the 2022 version of this blog post because this squad is working on a new set of jerseys we're positive will make this list.

Off-beat patterns that are/were less popular (e.g. this), brief flashes in history (e.g. Stadium Series jerseys), or straight up never existed (concepts from internet fans) are only possible with sublimated jerseys (like these!).

Click here to get a quote on your own sublimated hockey jerseys.

Rusty Pigeons - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

These gents held nothing back when it came to their sweaters, going with an embroidered twill front crest, embroidered twill shoulder patches, sewn twill numbers, and a neat little embroidered twill maple leaf on the shoulder yoke on a New York Islanders blue K3G pattern from Kobe Sportswear.

We’re fans of the effort they put in to build a unique shoulder crest and love the touch of flipping the logo colours on their white set they came back to order a year later.

And it paid off! They sent us this beauty team photo after they won a ‘ship at a tournament in Vegas

Wolfpack - Greely, Ontario

Okay, this was actually a youth spring league team, but we had to include it anyway. Originally their coaches contacted us intent on ordering embroidered twill jerseys, but later switched to a fully sublimated jersey after learning it not only had a nicer price point, but also made way for easier fill-in jerseys and allowed for 100% customization of their striping pattern.

Hats off to the coach’s son who actually designed this jersey in his EA Sports NHL video game (kid, call us when you’re done school)! Here’s what we like here: the 3 alternating colours on the jersey striping makes it possible use a single set of jerseys without clashing. The jersey works well against, gold, blue, or white teams.

Russian Camo Jerseys - Toronto, Ontario

Here is something we don’t do often: an embroidered twill crest on a sublimated jersey. Our customer was so detail-oriented on this jersey that he drove over an hour to our retail showroom in Kitchener, Ontario to help walk us through it. He had a special edition jersey only worn for a single game by Pavel Datsyuk in his KHL days he wanted re-created with his personal team logo on it.

Now, camo is something only available through sublimation, but our customer was insistent on having the texture of an embroidered twill logo. Pricey and time-consuming (since there are many steps in the process), but he knew what he wanted. We settled on sewing on the front crest only while sublimating the names, numbers, and shoulder logos.

A few other nice touches to point out: the logo in the collar gusset and the fight strap (we only get a request for a fight strap about once per year).

Cariboo - Surrey, British Columbia

We promised we’d take a break from the pricey stuff, so let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. Using a simple Kobe 5400 practice jersey and a 2-colour screen print these lads produced a work of art. The gold and white contrast well with the forest green, which is a fitting colour given the logo contains a lot of trees in it.

Maryland Crabs - Frederick, Maryland

Although we can’t use NHL logos, past or present, we can certainly pay tribute to them with a unique logo like these fine gents did. This was the first time we’d had a customer go back to the old Vancouver Canucks black-gold-red colour scheme (or, depending on where you're from, maybe they remind you of the German national team) and we absolutely love it.

Apparently, the rest of the hockey world did too. These jerseys were featured on the hit Washington Capitals blog, The Russian Machine Never Breaks, and got several thousand likes when posted on Instagram. Not only that, but our customer came back with an order for over 50 more jerseys as he had fellow Marylanders (is that the right word?) banging on his door to grab their own.

Tkachuk Brothers

Speaking of press, did you hear about the time our jerseys made it all over hockey news everywhere? A relative of the famous Tkachuk brothers contacted us in 2018 looking to build a “half and half” jersey with each of the boys’ colours for their first game against each other. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to attempt to obtain proper permissions from the league for their logos (assuming they would have even allowed it), but the family was over-the-moon excited to support Brady and Matthew.

Zurich Volunteer Firefighters - Zurich, Ontario

From hockey heroes to everyday heroes: let’s pay tribute to some of the most unique jerseys we’ve ever created. These fine gentlemen came to us with the request to create the look of a firefighter jacket.

How did we do?

Duffield Devils - Vaughan, Ontario

Speaking of tributes, we’re including this set because of a simple, yet unique idea they implemented. This youth summer team (again, breaking the rules as they’re technically not “beer leaguers” yet…they’ll get there) wanted to pay homage to their roster that season. For that reason, they included everyone’s number around the bottom of the jersey. Just another example of sublimated jerseys flexing their benefit of being a flat price, regardless of design.

Dumpstars - Caledonia, New York

Okay, last time we break the rules and showcase a youth hockey team, we swear…we couldn’t leave this one out though. The Minnesota North Stars’ may be long gone, but their striping pattern will never die.

That says something. Think about all of the defunct/re-located teams whose patterns you rarely see on rec hockey ice: the Quebec Nordiques, the Atlanta Thrashers, the original Winnipeg Jets…the list goes on. The North Stars, however, is a pattern so popular that Kobe Sportswear continues to stock it with

Back to these jerseys those: we loved the unique, playful front crest and the tribute on the left chest. There was no keeping these beauties off this list.

Blades of Steely Dan - Ottawa, Ontario

Back to making beautiful jerseys on a budget. These jerseys used the Kobe XJ6, possibly the most popular jersey pattern we sell for men’s league sweaters as it’s a great balance between quality and price consciousness. These fellas had a 2-for-1 paying tribute to both their favourite band and a classic hockey video game.

Pylons - Kitchener, Ontario

Another local customer in the house! When they first came to us we thought they were trying to break the universe (well, they might have). They wanted to the Philadelphia Flyers’ 2017 Stadium series jersey, which we weren’t too familiar with at the time. When we created their initial mock-up they insisted we’d made the sleeve numbers too small by mistake despite our confidence that 4” was a standard sleeve number size on adult hockey jerseys.

Well, we’ll admit, we were wrong. This jersey surprisingly had 6” numbers and although we were hesitant about the final product, they turned out fantastic.

You may have never noticed it, but Philadelphia has a history or breaking the rules with jersey design. They pulled off the rare contrasting name bar (whereas most teams’ bars match the colour of the jersey) and they’re one of a few teams to use a raglan cut sleeve on their jerseys (read here if you don’t know what that is).

Hat Trick Swayze's - Newbury, Ohio

This list couldn’t be complete without the Hat Trick Swayze’s. Rarely do we do a custom cut-and-sew jersey (i.e. a jersey that’s not an in-stock pattern that we DON’T go to sublimation for). For anything under 100 jerseys, it’s usually cost prohibitive. For these boys, however, nothing comes before hockey.

They’re so committed to the squad that not only did they order this unique colour scheme take on a vintage Ottawa Senator’s jersey, but they also came back one short month later to order matching toques and at the time of writing this post we're running another beauty jerseys for a youth summer league team they're involved with.

2021 update:

The boys trusted us, once again with a brand refresh on home, away, and alternate jerseys (thanks guys)! This time, they went with a more "classic" look, changing the logo to an old English "S". We were skeptical on their red/white logo request on the Islanders short-lived black jersey, but man, they nailed it!

Estevan Vikings - Estevan, Saskatchewan

Originally this team thought they were requesting to rock the Winnipeg Jets alternate jersey, but we discovered what they actually were requesting was a concept jersey drawn by a fan. A sharp set regardless!

Blunderbirds - Victoria, British Columbia

There’s one specific feature we want to point out on these bad boys: the sleeves. Check out the feathers extending downwards! What a unique touch to make these some of the coolest jerseys we’ve ever printed!

Code Monkeys - Edmonton, Alberta

For 90% of orders we just use a stock font we call “varsity”. Logo design and striping pattern selection are enough to make most of our customers’ heads spin, so we just assign them that font to keep it easy for them.

This team was a little different. You know that part at the beginning where we said, “But I’m not a designer!”? Well, this team was all designers. In fact, they’re a web design firm out in Alberta who call themselves the “Code Monkeys”.

They had a smaller budget, but they nailed it with these jerseys. Usually, we recommend matching logo colours to jersey striping colours to create a cohesive, matching look. These guys are pros though and pulled it off with 2 totally unique colours they found a way to blend with Kobe’s maroon XJ5 jersey.

The fun doesn’t end there though. These chaps asked to see our entire font selection and found one that we didn’t even know we had: circuit. Can you think of a more fitting font for the Code Monkeys?

Redneck Games - Toronto, Ontario

Well, we touched on it with the Code Monkeys and we now realize that we haven’t explained a few simple tricks to making your jerseys look great without spending hours on design.

  1. Limit your logo to 2 or 3 colours
  2. Make those colours match the colours in your jersey exactly (and don’t add anything not already in the jersey).

This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, as evidenced by our last example, but it’s tried and proven. Like your peewee coach told you: stick to fundamentals!

Most NHL teams have a 3-colour jersey (the odd ones having 2 or 4 colours, such as Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues, respectively), so choosing all, or all-but-one colour from their sweater will do the trick.

Take the Rednecks. You may picture Rednecks as simple folk, but they crushed these simple screen printed jerseys using a stock jersey from Athletic Knit.

Trash Pandas - Vancouver, British Columbia

We can’t mention simple screen printed jerseys without mentioning these jerseys we shipped to our friend Fred in Vancouver (customer plug: check out his hilarious goalie YouTube channel by the way - and maybe sauce him a follow on the 'gram). Kobe’s 5200 house league jersey, modeled after the Vegas Golden Knights’ striping pattern, just makes Fred’s logo pop.

Hellfish - Stoney Creek, Ontario

The Chicago Blackhawk’s winter classic jersey has been a hit with our customers since our supplier, Athletic Knit, began stocking it. The Hellfish ordered themselves a slick set of sweaters with an embroidered twill crest and sublimated twill sponsor names, name bar, and numbers. The sublimation twill allowed us to give the numbers that 3-colour effect without the steep cost or stiff/heavy feeling of a true 3-layer piece of twill.

This one is a couple of years old meow, but will always be an all-time favourite of ours.

Wolves - Whitby, Ontario

Speaking of all-time favourites, this Sudbury Wolves concept jersey is to die for.

Enough said.

Kings - Kitchener, Ontario

All it takes to create something unique is some simple colour flipping though. The Kings mashed together Nashville Predators colours with a Pittsburgh Penguins’ alternate jersey striping and….voila!

Meddy Ducks - Hamilton, Ontario

What list would be complete without an ode to Walt Disney’s favourite hockey team? Similar to the North Stars’ pattern we mentioned earlier, the Mighty Ducks’ colours may never die (because Ducks fly together). The Kobe 6200 series is great for this too. They use a more basic striping pattern to keep costs down while still offering NHL team colour patterns (since we know many of you base your team names off spoofs of NHL teams).

Which is your favourite and why? Comment below!

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