The Best Baseball Jerseys of All Time (2021 edition)

Here are some of the best baseball jerseys we've found across ball diamonds everywhere.

Looking for someone to create jerseys for your baseball, softball, or slo-pitch team this season? We've been creating custom uniforms for customers across Canada and the United States since 2014.

It’s about time to bring those old baseball jerseys from rags to riches, but you’re not sure where to start. Whether you are looking for a unique softball jersey, or just need a good laugh, we have you a little mix of both below.

Baseball might not be known for its creative thinking when it comes to jerseys, but there are definitely some that stand out. Everything from asparagus custom baseball uniforms, to Louis Vuitton jerseys (read below to see their outrageous cost). We’ve been making custom baseball jerseys since 2014, so we have seen a lot of jerseys - but these ones are some of the most outrageous.

Do you want a cool new jersey, but not sure where to start? Check out our Best Baseball Team Names blog post. You can also click here to see all your jersey options for your baseball or slo-pitch team.

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Placentia Punishers - Placentia, Newfoundland

While this team might not be a big wig in the baseball world (yet), the Punishers are a great 11U team with tons of team spirit and awesome jerseys.

Their logo is what really stands out, taking on the look of a skull while incorporating the detailing from a baseball. This jersey borrows from the Astros design, but with much less loud colour scheme. They also take a break from the traditional full button jersey and instead rock the pullover.

Never heard of Placentia? It's a small town in Newfoundland, Canada.

Mitt Bandits - Elmira, Ontario

These guys, who live just outside of Kitchener, decided to trust us with their baseball jerseys - which we really appreciate. While their jerseys might not be anything super crazy - I love what they decided to do with their logo. They went for a sublimated jersey look, which gave them the ability to add names, two sets of numbers, and two logos (including a sponsor logo).

While they chose a more traditional custom baseball jersey (red and white base colour), they have a great logo of a bandit holding up a baseball mitt. Clever name with a clever logo!

Breslau Blaze - Breslau, Ontario

Another local team just outside of Kitchener that decided on the sublimated jersey look. If you want a sublimated custom baseball jersey for your slo-pitch team, you can find more information on that here. This set of volunteer firefighters even played with the numbers by adding flames to the interior. That will certainly stand out on the baseball diamond!

These jerseys are a sublimated jersey with a logo on both the front and the sleeves, as well as numbers on the front and back for a single flat fee (see current prices here).

Nokana Baseball - Ashland Massachusetts

These kids are bound for the MLB and not just because of these great looking camo jerseys. Nokona Baseball is one of the premier training grounds for some of the most promising young ball players in America. I love that they decided to go with a camo look, which shows these kids are out there to compete!

The only way to achieve a camo look is with sublimated baseball jerseys.

Tamba Baseball - Kauai, Hawaii

Check out this team from Kauai, an Island in Hawaii who are rocking some yellow, red, and black custom baseball jerseys. They are switching things up with bright colours, and moving away from usual logo across the chest look.

These kids are currently in the Pony division for ages 14 and under, and are working through their winter season in style. Good luck on your current season!

TRU Wolfpack - Kamloops, British Columbia

Are you looking to do something totally different? Go for an ombre look like TRU baseball did. This team comes from Thompson River University in Kamloops, British Columbia and they are showing up with some pretty cool jerseys. They might not be playing a lot these days due to COVID-19, but when they do they sure have some great baseball jerseys to show off.

These sublimated baseball jerseys allow you to really play with colour with a faded effect, that we can help you recreate!

Ducks - Long Island, New York

Some of you might know this professional team out of New York, but you might not have seen their 2014 breast cancer baseball jerseys. This custom baseball jersey made the list because of its unique bright pink colour and the notable breast cancer logo on the back.

While almost every professional baseball team has done a breast cancer jersey, this one really stood out as being different.

Louis Vuitton

Alright this definitely is the weirdest one on our list. If you are wondering what to spend your next $1 - 2K on, look no further than this baseball jersey. 2Chainz made this a thing when he wore it in his Toni music video (this music video is not rated G) and then of course they started actually selling them.

You can still buy it from if you have a couple grand you want to spend.

Mr. Rogers Jerseys - Altoona, Pennsylvania

These jerseys were also made for a charitable cause, this time to benefit the American Rescue Workers by collecting sweaters and handing out books to kids.

Altoona Curve (a minor league team) did a Daniel Tiger/Mister Rogers Sweater Drive on June 5th 2015. Daniel Tiger took over the show after Mr. Rogers passing.

It was a super cool way to get some donations for a charitable cause, and a good excuse to make up some nice sublimated baseball jerseys.

Asparagus (Stockton Ports) - Stockton, California

Ok, so maybe this is even more weird than the Louis V baseball jerseys, and this one wasn’t even for a charitable cause.

The Stockton Ports, a Minor League Baseball team, wore these to celebrate their support of asparagus - because I guess it's pretty popular there? This happened back on May 21st, 2016. You can read more about the jerseys here, although to be honest, there isn’t much more you can say about asparagus jerseys.

Do you have a favourite vegetable? Why not get it printed on a sublimated baseball jersey.

Spongebob Squarepants (Norfolk Tides) - Norfolk, Virginia

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? I guess the Norfolk Tides do. They decided back on August 7th, 2015 to pair up with Nickelodeon and make these baseball jerseys. The game was setup to support the United Way South Hamptons Roads by hosting a live auction during the event for game worn jerseys. They even had costumed Spongebob and Patrick characters there at the game. Check out more info on that here.

While we cannot recreate licensed apparel (e.g. TV characters, MLB logos, etc.), we can help you show off your own team mascot on your next baseball jerseys.

Dorothy (Jackson Generals) - Jackson, Tennessee

Well, these might not be as nice as ruby red slippers, but they sure stand out on the diamond. Much like the Spongebob jerseys, the Jackson Generals made up their own character jerseys, complete with pigtails and all. Back on May 15, 2015, they hosted a night to celebrate the classic film the Wizard of Oz. It’s definitely an interesting way to support your favourite movie.

You can reach more on that here or you can create your own softball jerseys

Brooklyn Dodgers Satin Jerseys - Brooklyn, New York

I’m not really sure the intention of these were to double as a PJ set, but that’s what these look like to me. While these might seem over the top now, this was back in the day when lighting systems were finally being introduced to baseball games. They thought it would be a good idea to do satin because it would reflect off the lights, hopefully bringing more people to the later games - since they’d be able to see the players better.

It was the 1930/40’s so they didn’t quite have the big overhead lights that you see today.

Want to hear more about this story? Read all about it through the link here

Boston Red Sox Checkered Jerseys - Boston, Massachusetts

This one doesn’t need too much commentary other than to say - that surely is something different. Using a checkered print would be a great way to stand out with your baseball or 3-pitch team and deliver something a little different.

You could definitely recreate this with our sublimated baseball jerseys

Blunderbirds - Victoria, British Columbia

These days, any sports team that uses Indians as their logo have come under fire, with fans advocating for more culturally appropriate options. Spokane did things a little bit different back in 2014 when they changed their logo to Salish in honor of the Spokane tribe.

They did consult local tribe members when deciding on this new logo option for their home game jersey, which included an indirect spelling of baseball and some feathers in the logo.

You can read more on that here as well.

Tacos (Fresno Grizzlies) - Fresno, California

What’s better than baseball and tacos? If you ask Fresno, they would say nothing. That's why they decided to do a taco and baseball event, which brings out tons of amazing taco trucks each year along with some great taco baseball jerseys.

It’s a great idea for a baseball team to support the community and the food that they love. Back in 2014 they recorded a whooping 27,000 tacos consumed at the event. I don’t know if it was the great tacos that sold people or the great taco jerseys, but clearly they did something right.

You too could put your favourite food on a baseball jersey. Just check out our sublimated jerseys. You can read more on this story here.

Which is your favourite and why? Any great baseball jerseys (including your own) that we missed that should make the list? Comment below!

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