Premium NHL Pattern Socks: Vegas Golden Knights White

$35.00 CAD

About This Pattern (Kobe K3G Pro)

  •   Striping matched precisely to the Vegas Golden Knights White sock
  •   Click here to find the matching jersey for these socks


    Customer Reviews

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    Cindy Gobin
    Washington Capital Socks

    I got them fast. They were polite on the phone . They were exactly what I wanted. I probably should have gotten a large.

    Premium NHL Pattern Socks: Edmonton Oilers Blue

    My apologies, i accidentally rated 1 star. I meant to rated 4 stars. I corrected my rating.

    The socks are true to size, they're also wide. They're high quality as expected. No hazzle, quick response and shipping. My only beef is the shipping is not free especially was a big order.

    Hey Kin,

    Sorry that you weren't happy with your socks that you left a 1 star review.

    In response to your concerns;

    1. Wide socks
    Our polyester/dry fit socks don't stretch much. This makes them more durable, but it also requires that we leave enough slack in the sock that different sizes of shin pads can fit. On our manufacturer's end, it's easier to build things looser that a customer can tighten with tape than it is to build things tighter that potentially don't fit some customer. We also require some slack in order to facilitate leg movement while skating (if socks were tight enough to hold the pad in place then it would be difficult to skate).

    Our knit socks are tighter with more stretch if you're looking for a different option in the future. Other brands that offer polyester socks with more stretch (and are thus narrower) tend to be less durable. Unfortunately, there are always trade off decisions that need to be made when manufacturing/designing products.

    2. Shipping costs
    Our shipping is free on orders over $300 and that is automatically applied at checkout. Unfortunately, since your order was for about $150, it did not hit our free shipping threshold. Team orders for most products (12+ units) generally will hit this threshold.

    Hope that helps clarify things!

    Best of luck this season!

    Edit: appreciate you updating your review and glad these issues were viewed as only minor!

    Mike Neiland
    Another great order.

    What can I say, these guys are the Brett Hart of the Jersey world. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

    Nathan Dart
    Great customer service

    Ordered socks for our hockey team. Got great service, quick responses, and the product arrived the next day! I had to return a few pairs for a different size and once again the customer service was top shelf. I highly recommend.

    Ben Radcliffe

    Love them

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