Economical Team Jersey: Royal Blue/Red/White

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SKU: XJ5 - Royal Blue/Red/White

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About This Pattern

  •  Royal blue torso, red shoulders/sleeves, white accent
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    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing customer service and quick to complete the order! Highly recommend.

    Fast, responsive, effective business!

    My teammates are impressed with the overall quality and the local business I helped patronize. Here's to more business!


    Economical Team Jersey: Pink/Black/White

    Jerseys on short notice

    These guys made getting a quick set of custom jerseys easy. Thanks guys!


    Logo and design are good. Issue is the sleeves are way too short.

    Hi Thomas. Sorry to hear you weren't happy with the fit of your jerseys (although glad there were no issues otherwise). This is a comment we get from time-to-time and we do like to clarify when it arises. First is that hockey jerseys from any brand compared to a regular hoodie, long sleeve shirt, etc. will have shorter sleeves. The reason being that the sleeves are meant to end just inside the cuff of the glove as to not bunch up inside of them. Second is that our primary manufacturer (used for 80% of our orders, including yours), is on the shorter end of hockey jersey manufacturers, who, as mentioned above, generally produce short sleeves to begin with. Kobe typically produces sleeves 1 inch shorter than their counterparts again with the same mindset of not having sleeves bunch up. We've passed this feedback to them in the past and they tell us they've recently added 1 inch to their sleeves, although they have a lot of existing inventory in their system that still has the old measurement. We haven't checked orders as they go out the door (as there's no real way to efficiently do so) so we don't know if you'd be dealing with new or old stock. Hopefully that answers your concerns and best of luck this season!
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