Sock Sizing

How to measure your sock size

Kobe Hockey Sock Sizing

Use this measurement as your sock length.

The sock will run from the top of your foot to where the velcro on your shin pads rests (i.e. the point we measure to), but we recommend to measure from the ground to offset the fact the sock must fit over shin pads.









Knit sock sizes:

  • 20" (Small)
  • 24" (Medium)
  • 28" (Large)
  • 32" (X-Large)

Premium (K3G fabric) sock sizes:

  • 18" (X-Small)
  • 22" (Small)
  • 26" (Medium)
  • 30" (Large)


  • Knit socks will stretch an extra 2-4 inches while premium socks do not stretch
  • Knit socks, if washed, will lose 1-4 inches of length (depending on water temperature, drying temperature, type of washing/dryer machines/methods, etc.)
  • If between sizes we always recommend move up in size: socks that are pulled tightly tend to accentuate rips and tears, reducing the lifespan of the sock


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