Jersey Sizing

Although jersey sizing is fairly close for most brands, we like to give you a template to be extra sure. We have both a simple template to help you decide quickly and a detailed template if you want to be precise

Simple Sizing Template

Kobe Hockey Jersey Sizing From Canadian Jersey SuperstoreChest width: Select a jersey you own that you like the fit of. Measure the jersey from the seam directly under one armpit across to the other (precisely half the circumference of the jersey).

    Simple Sizing Chart

    Kobe Hockey Jersey Sizing Chart (Simple)

    Detailed Sizing Template

    Kobe Hockey Jersey Sizing From Canadian Jersey Superstore (Detailed)1. Chest (circumference): The distance around the chest (exactly double the width)

    2. Length: Shoulder to bottom of jersey

    3. Armhole: Circumference where sleeve attaches to torso

    4. Cuff: Circumference at end of sleeve (where hand comes out)

    5. Sleeve Length: Length from armpit to end of sleeve

    Detailed Sizing Chart (everything in inches)

    Kobe Hockey Jersey Sizing Chart (Detailed)


    • Youth XJ5 and XJ6 jerseys are 1-2 inches shorter length-wise than the rest of the lineup
    • Manufacturing tolerance is typically +/- 1 inch on most measurements
    • If you want to order samples before ordering a team set we offering a $10 CAD rebate when you complete the team order (to offset the shipping cost on the samples): email sales@canadianjerseysuperstore.com for this offer
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