Hockey Jersey Templates: 20 Solid Concepts For Your Next Team Set

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Sublimated hockey jerseys provide unparalleled freedom when coming up with your next hockey uniform design (click here to read more about them). That said, sometimes too much of a blank slate can be paralyzing.

Here are examples of sublimated hockey jerseys we've created for customers, while the rest of this article outlines templates and concepts you can use to come up with your own design.

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Atlanta Thrashers alternate pattern for a customer in New Jersey

Firefighter jackets for volunteer firefighters in Ontario

Camouflage jerseys for customers in Toronto, Ontario

Stuck on what kind of striping pattern to choose? We get it.

Here are some of our favourite striping patterns with a few different variations to give you an idea as to how fresh a simple template can look when you spice up the colours.

Hockey Jersey Templates and Concepts

Hockey Jersey Template #1 - "The Bruins"

We started with the Boston Bruins jersey here and changed it up with a couple other team colours (e.g. Ottawa and Toronto). You can always make a three colour jersey into a two colour jersey as well.

Hockey Jersey Template #2 - "The Flyers"

A customer of ours came to us with this Flyers-like pattern (although not the exact Philadelphia Flyers striping). We swapped it for some less traditional jersey colours for a unique custom jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #3 - "The Squires"

This customer came to us with a pattern that is same-same, but different, to the Golden Knights. You can always borrow colours from an NHL pattern and decide to incorporate the additional colour into your logo.

Hockey Jersey Template #4 - "The Jackets"

A few different takes on the Columbus jersey, which include a version in the Dallas Stars' colours. Flipping colours around is easy with a sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #5 - "The National"

A lot of teams choose a two colour look for their striping. Here we have a Canada version, a Toronto version, and a Michigan version.

Hockey Jersey Template #6 - "The 'Nucks"

A great option for your custom jersey design is to choose an older jersey striping pattern. It's a great way to stand out without getting too weird.

Here we have the old Vancouver Canucks jersey with different colour options.

Hockey Jersey Template #7 - "The All-Star"

Add a little flare to your jersey design by utilizing your striping patterns to highlight fun designs. They chose stars for this jersey, but you can always put any shape in there.

Hockey Jersey Template #8 - "The Wraparound"

Create something totally unique by mixing up the directions of your stripes on your custom jerseys.

Hockey Jersey Template #9 - "The Barber Shop"

These templates are another great way to limit your jersey colours while still having a really cool striping pattern.

Hockey Jersey Template #10 - "The Golden Knights"

One way to create a unique custom jersey is to take an existing NHL pattern and flip the colours for another team. Here we did the Vegas jersey with the Philadelphia colours and the Dallas colours.

This pattern has been a hit with beer league teams we've produced jerseys for since Vegas entered the league (both in their colour scheme and other colour schemes).

Hockey Jersey Template #11 - "The Traditionalist"

Here's a way to take a very classic-looking hockey jersey pattern and make it look fun and fresh by tossing in less common colour schemes.

Hockey Jersey Template #12 - "The Collegiate"

Power blue jerseys aren’t as common as some of the other patterns, so it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. Or you can flip the colours for something like the Ottawa Senators black, red, and white.

Hockey Jersey Template #13 - "The Wraparound"

Try something totally unique with your custom sublimated jerseys. This particular jersey design highlights the sleeve logos by utilizing the striping around it.

No one ever said hockey jerseys had to be constrained to straight lines!


Hockey Jersey Template #14 - "The Emperor"

Not a lot of teams chose pink, so it can be a great colour option to stand out from the crowd. Plus, it pairs nicely with the breast cancer awareness logo for a corporate event.

Hockey Jersey Template #15 - "The Flying V"

Whether you want your stripes left to right or up and down, there are so many colour options to play with. In this case, why not try a bright green for your custom jersey design?

Hockey Jersey Template #16 - "The Grinder"

Play with the colours on the shoulders of your jerseys by making it a different colour. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #17 - "The Minimalist"

Sometimes all you need is a subtle striping pattern, especially if your logo is more complex. Chose a dark colour, or flip the colours for an away version.

Hockey Jersey Template #18 - "The Retro"

Take advantage of your full jersey space by putting big stripes across the logo. This design goes great with a circular logo on your custom jersey design.

A great template for those looking for an "Original 6" type of feel.

Hockey Jersey Template #19 - "The Future"

One of our favourite local teams (Grand River Mustangs) came up with this design. We like the zig zag striping they decided to go with for their sublimated jersey.

Hockey Jersey Template #20 - "The Expansion"

Last but not least, this is a fun one we did for a local company here in Kitchener. You can easily add in your corporate colours to the striping of a sublimated jersey.

Have a template you didn't see and would like to share? Comment below!

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