Knit Retro NHL Pattern Socks: Tampa Bay Lightning 1992 White

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About This Pattern (Kobe 9800 Pro)

  •   Striping matched precisely to the Tampa Bay Lightning 1992 white socks
  •   Click here to find the matching Retro Team jersey for these socks


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Kobe Knit League Hockey Socks
Déçu de la qualité
Hi Gael, Sorry that you were upset with your product. I understand that you were looking for the “new style” lightweight socks and not knit socks, like what you ordered. The product description does call out that these are knit socks though and the premium socks (different from the type you ordered) do call out that they are the “new style”. Also, for clarification, the socks you ordered are a polyester/cotton blended yarn (not wool) and the socks it sounds like you were after are 100% polyester (not nylon). Apologies for the misunderstanding, but the information is present on all the product pages. John Bonjour Gael, Excusez-moi car je parle jus un peu de francais. Je suis desole tu n’es pas heureuse avec ton produit. Je sais tu as voulu les bas <> leger en polyester et pas des bas tricote. La description du produit indique ces bas sont les bas tricot et les bas prime (different comme les bas tu as commande) indique ils sont les bas <>. Aussi, pour la clarification, les bas tu as commande sont polyester/coton fil melange (pas de laine) et les bas je pense tu as voulu sont 100% polyester (pas de nylon). Encore, je suis desole pour le malentendu, mais cet information sont sur tout les pages des produits. John
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Hey Ken. Unfortunately the reason we only offer pickup in Kitchener for orders above $200 is because we don't warehouse any product here. Most of our product is warehoused in various places around Toronto (depending on the supplier) and in some cases even further (e.g. Vancouver), so we do have to ship the product regardless of it going to you or coming to us. We do offer pickup for larger orders where there would have been free shipping anyways, but unfortunately we don't have a large enough volume of small orders (under $200) from local customers on a regular basis where we can consistently offer local pickup to save on shipping. Most of our business is in team/company sets of apparel as opposed to individual, one-off blank items.
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